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Founded in 1998, Liaoning Daxie Group is headquartered in China's wetland capital - Liaoning Panjin. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, construction and service. After nearly 20 years of rapid development, the Group now has four productions: Liaoning Daxie Waterproof Technology Development Co., Ltd., Anhui Daxie Waterproof Technology Development Co., Ltd., Chongqing Daxie Waterproof Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Gansu Dayu Waterproof Technology Development Co., Ltd. Base and Liaoning Dayu Waterproof Engineering Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Tianhe Municipal Engineering Co., Ltd. are two construction enterprises. And in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenyang, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Xi'an and other places with regional marketing headquarters, sales network radiation nationwide.


Liaoning Daxie Group Headquarters


The Group introduced advanced production equipment and technology from American R&D (Adi) and Italy EUROLINE (Olivia). With an annual output of 150 million square meters of various waterproof materials, waterproof coatings 80,000 tons. Products can be widely used in underground, roofing, tunnels, high-speed rail, subway, bridge, municipal, environmental protection and other areas of waterproof engineering.


The world's advanced level Italy EUROLINE modified asphalt waterproof coil production line


With advanced production equipment and technology, the Group has established R&D centers in Panjin, Suzhou and Chongqing through talent introduction and integration of global advantageous resources, and established an international technology and product research and development base in Treviso, Italy. Established strategic partnerships with a number of institutions and scientific research institutions such as Suzhou Waterproof Institute to achieve continuous product upgrade and innovation. It has successively launched TPZ molecular adhesive waterproofing membrane, TSR modified asphalt polyethylene tire waterproofing membrane, and TPC roof waterproofing integration. Renewal products such as waterproof waterproofing membranes, FB-SBS super coils and other traditional waterproof materials.


China Building Materials Science Institute Daxie Technology Center


The Group has won more than 100 certificates and medals such as China Building Waterproof Brand Products, China Building Waterproof Industry Quality Award, and China Building Materials Top 500. A number of products have been included in the national construction industry waterproof special science and technology achievements promotion project, and obtained the first-class construction qualification of waterproof, heat preservation and anti-corrosion integration, and jointly established the Daxie Technology R&D Center (provincial level) and engineering with the China Academy of Building Research. R & D Center. He has provided high-quality waterproof products and construction services for major projects such as the Beijing Olympic Games Olympic Village, Wukesong Stadium, Beijing Morgan Center, Shenyang Metro, Qingdao Metro and other national projects, and won several project quality gold awards.

The spirit of the big brother is unchanged! Datun people will build a “first-class waterproof system supplier” as the development goal, promote the spirit of artisans and implement the boutique strategy, so that the group will rapidly develop into a modern enterprise group with brand influence, management science and technology leadership.