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Message from the Chairman
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Chairman of Liaoning Daxie - Zheng Xianming


So far, Daxie Group has gone through 20 years of hard work. Twenty years has been a process of thorns, hard work, pioneering and enterprising, as well as the practice of exploring new roads, obeying laws and obeying laws and operating with integrity. Regardless of how the market environment is turbulent, how complicated, and how thorny, we must always ensure that enterprises must abide by the law, treat customers with integrity, and use product quality and quality services to occupy the commanding heights of the market.

Behind the brand “Dayu” is the spirit of our long-term pursuit of excellence, independent innovation and sustainable development. It embodies the silent dedication of all employees and embodies the support of users all over the world. Whether it is hard work yesterday, or today, we are always at the beginning of the expedition, we have never stopped.

Twenty years, thanks to every big man who walked with me, your support and honor and disgrace in the past 20 years have made me more aware of my mission and more clearly depict the blueprint of my dreams.

Chunhua Qiushi, rain and dew. Daxie always remembers those employees who have made outstanding contributions to their development. The development of the company is inseparable from talents. We will consistently adhere to the people-oriented concept of talents, and do our best to develop the career of our employees, providing each employee with the best development platform and the most development opportunities to realize the enterprise and The common growth of employees and the sharing of corporate development results are shared with employees. "Integrity, innovation, hard work, excellence" is our core value, and the future of the company still needs our joint efforts.

The group is full, the honor and disgrace and the team are in harmony with each other, Luming Deyin, and the company is win-win with the company. Let us work together, innovate and develop, let us walk side by side and grow together on the road of striving for a first-class waterproof enterprise!