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development path
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Innovation expansion period (2011-2018)

2018-Lanzhou base reconstruction and expansion project officially launched

2018-Chongqing production base project officially put into operation

2016-India, Laviso officially established an overseas technology research and development center

2016-Anhui Cangzhou Base was put into operation

2015-Signed an agreement with Italy's EUROLINE to purchase new equipment

2014-Engineering company won the first gold medal prize in China

2013- officially launched TPZ series waterproof membrane

2011-Signed a cooperation agreement with Suzhou Waterproof Institute to jointly develop new products

2011-Layout of the national market, vigorously develop real estate collection and mining business


Exploring the transformation period (2003-2010)

2010-Renamed Liaoning Dayu Waterproof Technology Development Co., Ltd.

2008-Panjin Base Phase II Reconstruction and Expansion

2007- Panjin Complete Set Introduces American Adi Production Equipment

2006- Succession to win the bid for metro projects in major cities

2005- Winning the Beijing Olympic Games Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center

2004- enter the field of environmental anti-seepage treatment

2004-Panjinji Base Sweet Guangjian

2003-Introduction of ERP system


Initial start-up period (1998-2002)

2002-Lanzhou branch completed and put into operation

2001-Jinan Branch was completed and put into operation

2001-Engineering company received the highest qualification

2000- Panjin Daxie Engineering Co., Ltd. was established

1998- Panjin Daxie Material Factory was established