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Five points teach you to manage your home waterproof construction

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In the decoration process, waterproofing is a very important concealed project. Although it can't be seen, the waterproof layer lays the foundation for the future calm family life and good neighborhood relationship. If the house leaks, the amount of work required will be paid. Often beyond imagination. Today, we asked experts to talk about how the owners supervised the waterproof construction during the renovation.


Where do you need to do waterproof construction?


        Experts pointed out that waterproof construction refers to the application of waterproof materials on the ground and walls to ensure leakage and impermeability. If your home is on the first floor and is relatively humid, it is recommended that all walls and floors of all rooms be waterproof. Construction, to achieve waterproof and moisture-proof effect.


If it is not in a humid area, pay attention to these parts during waterproof construction: first, the running surface, that is, the toilet and kitchen of the house. Because these two parts have water or frequent humidity all the year round, waterproofing is extremely important, so don't take it lightly; secondly; It is an exposed surface, such as a balcony, a terrace, a rooftop, etc., because it is exposed to the outdoors and has been exposed to rain and snow for a long time, it must also be effectively waterproofed.


Check the surface condition before construction


        Waterproof construction should generally be carried out before the tiling after the wall sticker is removed and the hydropower transformation is completed. Before construction, it is necessary to check whether the surface of the wall surface and the ground surface layer are flat, and there are no defects such as looseness, hollowing, sanding, cracking, etc. Otherwise, even if water leakage is not present, the waterproof layer is likely to appear in the future as the base layer is damaged. Damaged by pressure.


In addition, before carrying out waterproof construction of a frequently used room such as a toilet, it is necessary to check the slope of the ground. If it does not meet the requirements, it must be disposed of. The slope should be the lowest point of the following nozzle position, and the entire ground forms a large funnel shape; and, when waterproofing at the position of the drain, the height of the drain pipe mouth should be treated first to make it slightly lower than the surrounding cement. Layer and then brush the waterproof material. In this way, it can be ensured that even if there is water on the ground waterproof layer, it will flow into the ground drain hole instead of flowing to other places. At the same time, it will ensure that there is no water under the floor tiles, and then there is no smelly water and no smell.


The shower area is waterproof to 180 cm


        Bathrooms often deal with water, so they must be waterproof. But how high the waterproof layer of the bathroom is, and many owners have no concept. In some homes, it is hard to keep the waterproof layer of the shower area on top for waterproofing. Some families neglect the waterproof problem, but they are not high enough to leave water leakage.


        How high is the waterproof layer of the bathroom? Experts said that the height of the waterproof layer in the bathroom should be determined according to the actual use. The wall of the general location should be waterproofed to a height of about 30 cm; the shower area should be 180 cm high; the wall adjacent to the wash basin and the bathtub should be water resistant to a height 30 than the wash basin and the upper edge of the bathtub. In centimeters, this prevents the water from escaping through the wall and causing damage to the walls and furniture next door.


Experts pointed out that some owners believe that water is only a short stay on the wall tiles, so the shower area does not have to be so waterproof. But in fact, because of the frequent water, if you do not waterproof the wall, the water will gradually penetrate into the wall along the gap of the tile, causing the wall to be wet.


Waterproof construction makes the most reliable


        Waterproof construction is a delicate work, requiring corners and corners to be painted in place. It does not seem to have any technical content, and it has nothing to do with other processes. Therefore, some owners buy their own waterproof materials to save money. Can save a few hundred dollars. However, considering the comprehensive consideration, the waterproof construction is still the most reliable for the construction party.


        An industry insider said that for a construction team doing basic renovation, there are not many jobs that can be done because of the standardization of the decoration. For example, the ceiling has an integrated ceiling, the floor manufacturer is all-inclusive, the cabinet wardrobe is all-inclusive, the hydropower transformation has a professional company, and even the ground leveling has a professional land leveling company all inclusive. In addition to the wall paint, kitchen and bathroom tiling, the construction team will still be able to make a little money. "You don't let them earn money, can they balance their minds? Will psychological imbalances work well?" And, if you encounter a "mental dark" worker, you should come to the ground of the closed water experiment. Two shovel, who is responsible for leaking water in the future? It is better to hand it over to the construction party, and it will be clear that the responsibility for the problem will arise in the future.


Closed water test is in place


        After the waterproof construction is completed, a closed water test must be done to test the waterproof effect of the ground.


The requirement for a closed water test must be in place. The three parties are the owner, the construction party and the downstairs neighbors. Because the ground waterproofing is actually done for the neighbors downstairs, whether the waterproofing is done well or not, it should be verified by checking whether there is water leakage under the building; and the owner should also effectively supervise the whole process to prevent the construction party from being lazy.


The procedure for the closed water test is as follows:


        First, before the start, the three parties went downstairs to check whether there was any water on the top.


        Second, block the sewer and the doorway, then release the water, the water storage depth should be no less than 2 cm, and the height of the water storage wall is generally 3-10 cm.


And mark the wall. In the early stage of the impoundment test, it should be checked downstairs every hour and then checked downstairs every 2-3 hours. If water leakage is found, the water storage test should be stopped immediately, and the waterproof layer should be re-processed. After the treatment is completed, the water storage test should be carried out.


        Third, after 24 hours, the three parties went to the downstairs to check that there were no leakage marks, and the water storage surface did not drop significantly.


Home life waterproof Raiders


        In the hot summer days, the amount of domestic water consumption has increased greatly. We need to check some key parts in advance to eliminate water-related safety hazards.


Washing machine waterproof


        Check that the faucet connection to the washing machine is secure. It is best to use the double connection of the buckle and the lock to prevent the water from falling off.


        Check that the connection hose is securely connected to the washer connector and that the hose itself is showing signs of cracking.


        Check if there is any blockage in the floor drain of the washing machine to prevent the overflowing water from being caused by poor drainage.


Air conditioning waterproof


        Check the outer wall air-conditioning hole for a certain angle of inclination, otherwise it will cause rainwater to be poured.


Avoid air conditioning wind blowing down for a long time. If the humidity of the air is very high, there will be condensed water on the surface of the windshield. If there is a large amount of water droplets for more than 1 hour, the water droplets will fall for a long time. If there is an electric appliance under the air conditioner or if it is afraid of water, such as paintings and furniture, it will cause loss.


Sliding window waterproof


        Sliding window bottom sash track should generally be provided with drainage holes, but the time is long, the drainage holes are easily blocked by dust and leaves and other debris. If the rain is large, the bottom sash can not drain out, and it will form an inverted irrigation. Therefore, the bottom of the window should be cleaned regularly to keep the drainage smooth.