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11 first water-resistant exhibitions have reached a new level

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China International Roofing and Building Waterproof Technology Exhibition has gone through 12 years and successfully held 11 sessions. It can be said that it is step by step. From success, how to go to greater success, this problem has been given. Exhibition organizer - China Building Waterproof Association. From the recently announced exhibition schedule, people were pleasantly surprised to see that the China Building Waterproof Association not only solved this problem, but also presented a wonderful answer.




The scale of this exhibition was unprecedented, and the exhibition area exceeded 25,000 square meters for the first time, which was nearly 60% higher than the previous exhibition. The exhibitors exceeded 250 for the first time, all hitting record highs.




For the first time in this exhibition, the concept of the whole industry chain was proposed. Exhibitors cover upstream raw materials, equipment, accessories, modifiers, excipients, packaging and other companies, and even companies that produce tire-based equipment are also included.




Water-related insulation, roof planting, solar photovoltaic roofing, slope roofing mats, product testing, construction machinery and other enterprises also participated in the exhibition. The first tile roof engineering technology exhibition and the first metal roof were also held. And the exhibition of the envelope structure.




In terms of docking with the downstream, the organizers organized a large number of activities for registered architects, real estate developers and construction units. The first phase of the registered architect "Building Waterproof" compulsory course training class will be closed on the 18th, when there will be nearly a thousand registrations. The architect visited the exhibition and the organizer designated the 18th as the “Registered Architect Day”. This is the first time that the exhibition will host the “Registered Architects Day” series. The organizers will organize a series of theme forums, technical seminars, construction demonstrations, A series of activities such as new product release and interactive interaction, and the first “Wall Roof Engineering Technology Forum” and “Metal Roofing Technology Forum” will turn the exhibition into a learning class for registered architects. The exhibition will also organize real estate developers to see the exhibition group to visit the exhibition, and conduct business negotiations with the waterproof enterprise. For construction companies, China Building Waterproof Association invited German roofing engineering masters and the most advanced technicians in Japan's sealing and waterproofing field to demonstrate the installation technology of complex roofing of slope roofing, construction of self-adhesive waterproofing membrane and waterproof joint construction of building joints. , is a large-scale industry training event. In addition, the exhibition also set up a “new product, new technology, new construction method” live demonstration area for the first time, so that the audience can feel the superiority of advanced construction technology.




These 11 firsts indicate that this exhibition will become an industry event that has surpassed the past. The waterproof exhibition will also surpass the function of product technology display and become a special industry gathering, letting the waterproof people from all over the world gather together to learn. Technology, exchange experiences, build friendships, and develop together.