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Zero survey: the national construction leakage rate remains high

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On July 4th, China Building Waterproof Association and Beijing Zero Market Research and Analysis Company jointly released the “2013 National Building Leakage Survey Project Report”.


The sample survey involved 28 cities and 850 communities across the country, surveying 2,849 buildings and visiting 3,674 households. A total of 2,849 building roof samples were sampled, and 2,716 of the building roof samples showed different degrees of leakage, with a leakage rate of 95.33%. Samples of 1,777 underground building samples were sampled, and 1022 of the underground building samples showed different degrees of leakage. The leakage rate reached 57.51%; the sample surveyed 3674 household samples, and 1377 household samples showed different degrees of leakage, and the leakage rate reached 37.48%. (The above data comes from: zero survey)


Building waterproof material is the basic material for engineering construction and is an important functional product related to the national economy and people's livelihood. The advantages and disadvantages of building waterproofing are related to structural safety and the well-being of the people. Sheltering from the wind is the minimum demand for human life. Today's human society has fully transformed from basic needs to high-level needs. Modern architecture should have given us a safe, healthy and comfortable life, but we are still bringing leakage. Worried about security risks and worries. According to data from the Beijing Building Engineering Judicial Appraisal Center, one-fourth of the legal disputes were caused by leakage of residential buildings. In recent years, more and more leaks have been reported to the media, which has aroused great concern from the government. In October 2013, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued the Notice of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development on the In-depth Implementation of the Special Project Management of National Engineering Quality (Jiansu [2013] No. 149), which included the leakage as the first common fault in the quality of construction projects, and planned to use five Key special governance during the year. The AQSIQ has also included building waterproofing membrane products in the list of key products for national quality improvement for three consecutive years.


In order to further understand the current status of building waterproof quality and accurately grasp the building leakage data and the root cause of leakage, the China Building Waterproof Association commissioned the Beijing Zero Market Research and Analysis Company in 2013 to conduct a leak investigation on several key cities across the country. The survey data published above is based on the survey and statistics method prescribed by the state. After a strict forensic investigation, it accurately reflects the current situation of building leakage in the country, that is, the national building leakage is quite serious. The China Building Waterproof Association also conducted a major analysis of serious leakage problems and proposed countermeasures.


A serious overcapacity has caused the "black industry chain" to wreak havoc


In recent years, China's building waterproofing industry has made great progress. With the expansion of the building waterproofing field to the engineering construction field, the market space of the building waterproofing industry has been greatly expanded. While the industry is developing rapidly, some deep-seated contradictions gradually emerge. Water surface - serious overcapacity, low level of repeated construction, and low industry concentration. At present, the capacity utilization rate of formal enterprises with production licenses in the waterproof industry is less than 60%, and the number of small and medium-sized enterprises with poor production processes and energy conservation and environmental protection is not high, and most of them are backward production capacity. What's more, unlicensed production and counterfeiting and selling dens have formed a semi-open "base." These contradictions are reflected in the market, which is the low-price competition at the expense of product quality and corporate integrity, which leads to serious problems such as cutting corners, shoddy, producing a large number of counterfeit and inferior products and not complying with relevant national standards.


There is demand for supply. The existence of these counterfeit and shoddy products is caused by the defects of the construction engineering management system and the lack of supervision. At present, China's construction waterproofing project bidding mostly uses the lowest price to win the bid, the bid price is lower than the cost price has long been common, which leads to bad money to drive out good money, creating a market space for counterfeit and shoddy products; the end market of waterproof materials is construction engineering, and engineering The field is also chaotic, the project supervision system is in the form, the project quality supervision is seriously weak, and the quality of materials and construction is not closed; the engineering cost is low, which seriously deviates from the market rules; the waterproof project is subdivided by layers. Generally speaking, the project funds have been misappropriated by various names; in addition, the construction qualifications are seriously linked, the construction workers lack the necessary labor skills, and the best materials can not guarantee the quality of the waterproof project.


The backward overcapacity has caused enterprises to take risks and the government's supervision has not formed a market space. A large number of counterfeit and non-compliant waterproof products, as well as unqualified and unskilled construction teams occupy the main market of construction sites, forming a “black” industrial chain, which results in the quality of building waterproofing works and the safety of building entities. Brings immeasurable hidden dangers.


In addition to building leakage, it still needs comprehensive management


Leakage is a stubborn disease in buildings. It must mobilize the power of the government, industry, enterprises and society to jointly manage and comprehensively manage.


At this stage, it is still necessary to exert the power of the government. First, we must manage the demand side and cut off the terminal of counterfeit and shoddy products. Establish and improve the quality control system in the application field, strictly control the quality of waterproof engineering; promote and improve the bidding mechanism, use the market mechanism, effectively eliminate the simple "lowest price bid" bidding model, adhere to the bidding orientation with quality as the core element; Pipe construction qualification, strengthen the skills training of workers, promote the waterproof special project by the owner subcontracting and waterproof material construction integration, to prevent sub-contracting of waterproof engineering. At the same time, it is necessary to strictly control the quality of production from the source of production, strengthen the management of production licenses and post-certification supervision, and maintain the high-pressure situation of quality supervision of building waterproof products and anti-counterfeiting.


We will build a quality supervision and management system for the entire chain, curb the “black industry chain” from all links, and effectively curb disorderly competition through law enforcement information, violation information, information on dishonesty, and “blacklist” of quality loss of trust, and increase supervision of society and public opinion. .


Enterprises should bear the main responsibility of waterproof materials and engineering quality and safety, strengthen enterprise self-discipline, eliminate backward production capacity, and promote industrial upgrading. At the same time, brand enterprises should take the lead in fulfilling the industrial quality social responsibility, issue quality commitments to the society, accept government, association and social supervision, actively implement quality commitments, try out product quality assurance insurance systems, actively resist malicious market competition and pass industry self-discipline supervision measures. Perform the rules and regulations for quality improvement.


While the industry organizations assist the government to strengthen supervision, it is necessary to carry out industry autonomy, regulate market order, implement industry self-discipline conventions, and continue to expand the scope of industry quality dynamic supervision and quality interviews. Industry associations should improve vocational education, vocational training and professional appraisal systems to improve the quality of employees.


Through five years of in-depth comprehensive construction of building leakage and national engineering quality special treatment, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development proposed that the quality of residential projects has improved significantly, residential performance has improved significantly, residential quality complaints have decreased significantly, and residential quality satisfaction has improved significantly. The goal of achieving significant results in the special governance work.


Implementing the building waterproof quality assurance insurance system is the ultimate way to effectively control leakage


Comprehensive management is only a kind of repair of government supervision system, and it is the main quality management method at this stage. However, in order to completely solve the problem of building leakage, it is necessary to establish and improve the market-oriented quality management mode. Only when the government maintains the premise of a fair and competitive market environment can we play the role of the market, improve the market mechanism by relying on the survival of the fittest and industry restructuring, and resolve many industrial problems such as the serious overcapacity of the industry.


In order to solve the leakage problem, it is necessary to explore the establishment of a waterproof engineering quality assurance insurance system, and promote the building waterproof materials and engineering quality by means of the market.


The existing warranty period for building waterproofing engineering is proposed from the perspective of government quality control, but it leaves some space for some enterprises. If there is leakage, it will be repaired. The warranty period becomes a leakage permit. Compared with the profits brought by the production of inferior products, the 5% of the quality guarantee is not enough to play a "guarantee" role.


Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of market-based means to cure the construction leakage. To this end, we should learn from foreign advanced practices. In the advanced countries such as Europe, America and Japan, the building waterproof engineering quality assurance insurance system is generally implemented, and the building leakage rate is extremely low. In the event of a leak, the insurance company first pays for it, and is responsible for all the consequences of the leak, including repairs and property damage due to leakage. Then, through market-based means, insurance companies raise the premiums paid by waterproof engineering companies, leaving them at a disadvantage in the market competition. The more quality accidents occur in a company, the greater the risk, the higher the premium. Without the enterprise who dares to use fake and shoddy products and unskilled workers, the probability of building leakage will naturally drop.


Overcapacity is the cause of high leakage rate. The defects of building system and the poor supervision of construction engineering quality are the root causes of high leakage rate. The ultimate solution to leakage is to establish a waterproof engineering quality assurance insurance system.


Attachment: 28 city data of national building leakage (click to download)