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"Diagnosis and treatment of leakage" large-scale public welfare activities into the waterproof exhibition

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In July, Shanghai was in the midst of Huang Meitian. It was inconvenient for rain and rain, but what was even more annoying was the leakage caused by the rain, which caused many inconveniences to life. Now someone is helping you out of your mind and you can also repair it for free, all from a charity event.


From July 17th to 19th, the Shanghai World Expo Pavilion will host the 12th China International Roofing and Building Waterproof Technology Exhibition. The organizer China Building Waterproof Association will hold a large-scale charity event “Into the Community for Treatment and Leakage”. Invite water-proof experts to "prescribe" the leaks in your home. At the exhibition, many domestic excellent exhibitors bring various waterproof products, so that you can choose "medicine" without worry.


“Into the community for diagnosis and treatment leakage” The large-scale public welfare activity is a demonstration project supported by the former central government. In the past three years, 33 public welfare activities have been successfully held. At 10:00 am on July 18, it will be held in the preface hall of the Shanghai World Expo. Four free services will be provided to the public at that time: free waterproof knowledge manual and construction teaching CD; free on-site consultation and maintenance solutions; free release of fast-blocking materials; free leakage of housing for five special types of people.


The event will popularize waterproof knowledge, solve leaks, and provide free leak repair services to special groups such as low-income households.


At the scene, senior experts in the waterproof industry will explain the importance of waterproofing and building safety, leakage prevention and treatment, correct material selection and standard construction, judicial identification and protection of leakage accidents, and the leakage problem raised by the public. Answers on the spot.


400 hot-blocking materials and waterproof knowledge manuals will be distributed free of charge at the site; the organizer will make a typical CD-ROM project such as kitchen and bathroom into a teaching CD, and present it to the public to guide the people to correctly select materials and standard construction; Special populations such as low-income families, empty nested widowed families, model workers above the city level, and retired (Wu) personnel who have special contributions to society and the state have the opportunity to obtain free leakage repair services through on-site registration.


This charity event is combined with the waterproof exhibition to organize the participating water-proof enterprises to participate in activities, and guide more powerful enterprises to pay attention to public welfare undertakings and repay the society. Many exhibitors have provided waterproof plugging products and gifts for public welfare activities, and promised to provide free leakage repair services to special people.


It is reported that during the exhibition, the organizer will have an expert consultation desk at the booth of the Shanghai World Expo Pavilion Association from July 17 to 19, and organize a domestic first-class waterproof expert to organize a public housing leak diagnosis and residential rights consultation for Shanghai residents. . How to understand the cause of leakage? How to safeguard the rights of the people through judicial appraisal? How to DIY manage some small leaks? How to prevent it and avoid leakage? There are many problems here to solve.