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Asphalt modification technology exchange promotes product quality improvement

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Modified bitumen waterproofing membrane (including self-adhesive) is one of the traditional and most important waterproof materials in China. It can be applied to roofing, underground, high-speed rail, expressway, tunnel bridge, subway and other waterproof projects. However, for a long time, how to choose asphalt modifiers, especially asphalt modified admixtures, has always been a problem that enterprises have not solved well, so that matrix asphalt will not be selected, product heat aging will be unqualified, and low temperature flexibility will be Problems, self-adhesive waterproofing membrane surface wrinkles, asphalt production viscosity and other common problems.


In order to promote the advancement of modified asphalt technology in China's waterproof industry, promote the application of asphalt modified additives in waterproof products at home and abroad, improve various performance indexes of waterproof products, and provide relevant technical services for waterproof enterprises, China Building Materials Science Research After several years of technical exchanges and applied research, the Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute of the General Hospital and the Italian Technofilm Company and the Honeywell Company of the United States have achieved initial success. They have been applied in some waterproof material manufacturers, in terms of product performance, energy saving and environmental protection. Good results have been achieved in terms of cost reduction and efficiency improvement. It basically solves the production problems of high viscosity of asphalt in the production process, poor temperature resistance of products, unqualified heat aging and poor low-temperature fluidity of self-adhesive coils.


In order to make this application technology fully promoted in China's waterproof industry, on July 18, 2014, the “International Expert Seminar on Modified Asphalt Technology” was held during the “12th China International Roofing and Waterproof Technology Exhibition”.


This seminar was given by Mr. Roberto Cardinali of Italy, “Italian Technofilm Thermoplastic Additive (RD PRENE CPR/3T)”, Mr. Olana Gustavo of the United States, “Additives for Honeywell PMB Roofing Materials in the United States” and Mr. Yang Sheng from Suzhou Waterproof Institute. “New additives for the study of modified asphalt and processes”.