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Building leakage rate is high, waterproof materials should cut off the "black industry chain"

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In order to eliminate the stagnation of construction, it is necessary to mobilize the power of the government, industry, enterprises and society to jointly manage and comprehensively manage. However, in order to completely solve the problem of building leakage, it is necessary to establish and improve the market-oriented quality management model and explore the implementation of the waterproof engineering quality assurance insurance system.


The quality of building waterproof quality not only directly affects the service life and structural safety of construction projects, but also closely relates to the safety of residents' lives and property. For this reason, the construction industry has the concept of “structure first, waterproof second”. However, the current waterproof quality of domestic buildings is really worrying. China Construction [0.71% Fund Research Report] The Waterproof Association's survey of building leakage conditions, which took nearly a year, completed the main data analysis. The Association and Beijing Zero Point's latest “2013 National Building Leakage Survey Project Report” shows that the leakage rate of building roofs in major cities in China is as high as 95.33%. At the same time, nearly 60% of underground buildings have different degrees of leakage, and nearly 40% of households suffer from leakage of houses. According to the analysis of China Building Waterproof Association, the survey data truly reflects the current situation of building leakage in the country, that is, the national building leakage is quite serious. In the future, while strengthening comprehensive management, we must accelerate the establishment and improvement of market-oriented quality management models to solve the construction leakage.


Barbaric growth makes product quality difficult to guarantee


Zhu Dongqing, chairman of the China Building Waterproof Association, believes that overcapacity is the main cause of high building leakage rates. In recent years, with the expansion of the building waterproofing field to the engineering construction field, the market space for building waterproof materials has been greatly expanded. However, at the same time of rapid development of the industry, there are serious overcapacity, low level of repeated construction, and low industry concentration. Contradictions have gradually surfaced. According to the survey, the current capacity utilization rate of formal enterprises with production licenses in the domestic waterproof industry is less than 60%. Correspondingly, there are a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises with poor production technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the unlicensed production and counterfeiting and selling dens in some areas have even formed a semi-open “base”.


Zhu Dongqing said that in the field of waterproof products, the phenomenon of cutting corners, shoddy, and counterfeiting is serious. "At present, the bidding for building waterproof engineering in China is mostly the lowest bid, and the bid price of many projects is significantly lower than the normal cost price. In addition, the project supervision system is in the form, resulting in a large number of counterfeit and inferior waterproof products that are not in line with national standards and are not qualified. Unskilled construction teams occupy the main market and form a 'black industry chain'." Zhu Dongqing said.


Exploring the quality assurance insurance system for waterproof engineering


It is confirmed by the China Construction Waterproof Association’s self-declaration industry chaos that the “Economic Daily” reporter learned from the Beijing Construction Engineering Judicial Appraisal Center that in recent years, about one-fourth of the legal disputes in the construction engineering field have been caused by waterproof leakage. Triggered.


Experts in the industry believe that in order to eliminate the stagnation of construction, it is necessary to mobilize the power of the government, industry, enterprises and society to jointly manage and comprehensively manage.


First of all, we must give full play to the power of the government, manage the demand side, and cut off the terminals of counterfeit and shoddy products. Establish and improve the quality control system in the application field, effectively eliminate the simple "lowest price bid" bidding model, adhere to the bidding orientation with quality as the core element; at the same time strictly control the construction qualification, strengthen the construction of workers in waterproof construction, especially new waterproof materials In terms of skills training, the promotion of waterproof special items is integrated by the owner's subcontracting and waterproof material construction to eliminate sub-contracting. For production and supply enterprises, it is necessary to strengthen production license issuance management and post-certification supervision, and build a comprehensive chain quality supervision and management system to curb the "black industrial chain." Secondly, enterprises must bear the main responsibility of waterproof materials and engineering quality and safety, strengthen enterprise self-discipline, eliminate backward production capacity, and promote industrial upgrading. Third, industry organizations should actively carry out industry autonomy, regulate market order, and continue to expand the scope of industry quality dynamic monitoring and quality interviews. Industry associations must also improve relevant vocational education, vocational training and professional identification systems.


"Integrated governance is a kind of repair of the current regulatory system, and it is also the main quality management method at the present stage. However, in order to completely solve the problem of building leakage, it is necessary to establish and improve the market-oriented quality management mode and explore the implementation of waterproof engineering quality assurance. Insurance system. According to Zhu Dongqing, the probability of building leakage in developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan is extremely low. One of the key reasons is that they generally implement the waterproof engineering quality assurance insurance system. According to the design of this compulsory insurance system, once the building leaks, the insurance company will first pay for it, including the maintenance cost and the property loss caused by the leakage. Then the insurance company will greatly increase the premium of the waterproof engineering company according to the risk situation. The occurrence of quality accidents in enterprises will bear high premiums and other cost risks, and will obviously be in a disadvantaged position in the market competition. Therefore, no enterprise dares to use fake and shoddy products and unskilled workers to construct, and the probability of building leakage naturally falls. ."


Compared with the practice in developed countries, China's current construction leakage problem is a five-year warranty system and a 5% quality assurance system. “The lack of strictness in the design and quality supervision of the building system is the basis for the high leakage rate of domestic buildings. The 5% of the quality guarantee is less than the profit from the production of inferior products. The 5-year warranty and residential 70 Compared with the annual property rights, it is also significantly shorter. This leaves some enterprises with a loophole. If there is leakage, it will be repaired. The warranty period and the warranty money become a permit for leakage. Therefore, we may wish to learn from foreign good practices. Explore the establishment of a waterproof engineering quality assurance insurance system. This should be the ultimate solution to the problem of building leakage." Zhu Dongqing said. (Economic Daily reporter Liu Zhiqi)