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Jiaxing: The dispute over the water leakage in the upstairs

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A few days ago, Lu Sid, a resident of No. 65 Funan Street, was very angry. "The water pipes in the bathroom of the resident who lived upstairs broke down, and the sewage often leaked into my house." Lu said, this is also the case. It is not a big deal, but what makes him angry is that for the problem of water leakage, the attitude of the tenants upstairs is “negative” and they refuse to admit it. Due to the fierce rhetoric of the two sides and the lack of consultation, Lu Sid had to ask the Ziyang community for help.


At the beginning of the incident, Lu Side only found that the ceiling of the home was faintly stained with water. It was thought to be the water stain formed by the heavy rain of Meiyu, but the leakage of the house became more and more serious. "In those days, Jiaxing continued to rain heavily, and felt that the house was very wet. I never thought that there was a leak in the house." Lu Sid told reporters that at the time, he was not sure where the leak was, but later slowly discovered that when When the upstairs tenants do not need a guard, his home does not seem to see water seepage.


The good end of the house, all day troubled by the problem of water leakage, is really troublesome. In order to find out the cause of the water leakage as soon as possible, Lu Side immediately invited a professional maintenance person to the house to check the situation. “It’s not true. After some inspection, the worker’s master immediately said that the sewage pipe in my house is all normal. The problem is basically caused by the damage of the plumber’s sewer pipe upstairs.” Lu said that since the cause of the leak has been identified, In the attitude of "opening the skylight to speak brightly", look for the upstairs residents to discuss, and then solve the problem as soon as possible.


"Whoever has a problem, who should bear it, this should be nothing wrong, but the upstairs tenants have been dragging and not repairing." Lu Sid reluctantly said that since then, he has communicated with the upstairs many times, no The end of the fruit. Lu Sid said that after talking about it a few times, the two sides felt that the other side was unreasonable and they fought, so he had to come to the community and hoped that the community committee could help.


Cheng Shaozhen is the "old mother-in-law" of the Ziyang community. In order to solve the problem effectively, the parties are specially invited together. “There are two situations in which the house leaks. One is that the leak point can be found directly, and the other is that the leak point is not clear.” Cheng Shaoyu said that whoever finds the leak point is responsible for the cost. It has been verified that the cause of water leakage in Lu Side's home is indeed caused by the residents upstairs. Therefore, according to the relevant provisions of the General Principles of the Civil Law, the upstairs residents should bear full responsibility for maintenance.


In order not to let the two sides tighten the relationship, Cheng Shaozhen also tried to bring the relationship closer. “There are many old communities in our community, and the infrastructure is relatively old. In the disputes that I used to mediate, the leakage problem is not infrequent.” Cheng Shaozhen said that distant relatives are not as close neighbors, and the community hopes that everyone can “know and talk”. Under the mediation of Cheng Shaozhen, both sides gave way, and now the residents on the upper floor have taken the initiative to repair the sewer pipe.