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Product application


Underground waterproofing

Planting roofs

Steel roof

Color roofing

Indoor waterproof

Municipal Engineering

Utility tunnel


Shortcut entrance


OA Entrance

Security check

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Talent Concept

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Dagu people's spiritual connotation


First, the public and forget the private, worry about the dedication of the people.

Second, hard work, perseverance and entrepreneurial spirit.

Third, respect the law, the scientific spirit of rigorous and realistic.

Fourth, excellence, meticulous professionalism.

Fifth, the pursuit of excellence, the spirit of innovation.

Sixth, the same boat, the spirit of solidarity and solidarity.

7. Sharing with Rong, creating a win-win spirit with wealth.


Talent Concept


Both the talents and the talents are reused, and those who have talents and talents are cultivated.

Those who are talented and devoid of ethics are forbidden.


Talent competition mechanism


On the ability, the flat person let, the mediocrity.


style of working


Resolute and vigorous, the line is banned.


Leadership code of conduct


The people are arbitrarily and arbitrarily.


Employee action guidelines


Super execution, complete the mission.

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