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Wings with the ability to fly and swell in the big bang - Liaoning Daxie Group 2018 staff training

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New employees are the fresh blood of the company and an important part of the development. In order to help new employees quickly integrate into the company and inherit the culture of Daxie, Anhui Daxie has organized new employee induction training.

During the period from July 31 to August 3, 2018, the four-day employee training was carried out in an orderly production facility in Anhui Daxie. During the training period, Mr. Yi Fei, Vice President of Liaoning Daxie Group, Mr. Cao Yongkai, Sales Director, Mr. Song Jing, Director of the General Office, and other relevant personnel gave a wonderful lecture on corporate culture, product knowledge and sales skills.


Cao General conducts business introduction


Yi total sales training


Director Song conducts product training

On the morning of July 31, Mr. Cao Yongkai, Group Sales Director, introduced the general situation of Daxie Group to the new students. From the initial establishment of the company to the development of the group to the first-line brand, from the Panjin production base to the five major production bases now, from production equipment to research and development technology, product systems to standardization construction, classic engineering to corporate honor, from research and development, production, sales, In terms of construction and service, Mr. Cao gave a vivid and detailed explanation of the company's development process. When it comes to brand glory, Cao always reveals his pride. The preferred suppliers of China's top 500 real estate development companies, China's top ten waterproof building materials brands, national products and service quality integrity benchmarks and other honors also make students on the products. Have stronger confidence in the company and the future.




Li Dongyu, the director of the sales department, worked on the daily work of the marketing center for the new students, and explained the series of procedures for ordering the sales of goods. Sun Hongjun, the coating technology center, explained the main classification and construction points of the coating; Wang Jingsheng, deputy director of the technical quality inspection department, focused on the main products of Daxie. The performance, characteristics, construction and product advantages of TPZ and TSR are explained in detail.

From August 1st to 3rd, Mr. Yi Fei, the vice president of the group, will sort out the waterproof technology from ancient times to the present, so that the trainees can make great progress from understanding the waterproof concept to understanding the waterproof structure and being able to independently explain the waterproof knowledge. Mr. Yi focuses on teaching the sales skills of the main products of the students. From the market environment to analyze the industry background, grasp the psychological factors to reflect the sales skills, highlighting the advantages of TPZ and traditional waterproof coils, so that students' understanding of the product is more clear. Mr. Song Jing, Director of the General Manager's Office, gave lectures on various performance indexes, product features and construction points of TSR modified bitumen waterproofing membrane. During the course of the course, the structure and process of the whole project were combed from the perspective of architecture, and the students were deepened. An understanding of the importance of waterproofing throughout the construction process.

During the four-day tense and substantial training, the participants and the lecturers discussed the professional issues many times, forming questions for the students and explaining the lectures. The lecturer added a virtuous cycle of deepening impressions.


The lecturers bring wonderful training to the students.

After two days of training on August 2, the trainees stood in the podium and simulated the communication scene with the dealers and accepted the test. Most of the students in the mock assessment performed well, and individual students even surprised everyone. Director Yi and Mr. Song commented on their performance after each student gave a lecture, supplemented their deficiencies, and expanded relevant professional knowledge.

On August 3, employees who passed the comprehensive assessment returned to their respective regions, and the tenth employee training of Liaoning Daxie Group in 2018 was successfully completed. Through this training, new employees will integrate product knowledge, and the training will improve the sales level of sales personnel, reflecting the spirit of “to solve leakage as our responsibility”. The new employees will work with the company to build the Daxie Waterproof Empire.


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