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Cooperation ● Win-win | Tianjin Real Estate Business First National Real Estate Entrepreneur Conference

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In the hot summer, the Tianjin Real Estate Association held the first National Real Estate Entrepreneur Conference in Binhai New Area. The participants of this meeting are: Executive Vice President and Secretary General of Tianjin Real Estate Association Hao, Vice President of China Real Estate Appraisers and Real Estate Agents Association, Chai Qiang, Tianjin City Evening News Editor-in-Chief Feng Wei, Liaoning Daxie Waterproof Group Sales Deputy General Manager Wang Jian, Tianjin Suihua Haijing Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and numerous Real estate developers in the field of building materials decoration home business leaders attended the meeting.

Feng Wei, editor-in-chief of Tianjin Tonight News, presided over the meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, Su Hao, executive vice president and secretary general of Tianjin Real Estate Association, made a special report on "cooperation, mixed reform, and win-win". He analyzed in detail the problems encountered by real estate companies in the first half of 2018 and the direction of development. . Through the interpretation of policies, the direction of the market, the control of land, and other aspects and perspectives, the Tianjin real estate market in the second half of 2018 made a comprehensive forecast.

Secretary General of Tianjin Real Estate Industry Association

As the only waterproof company invited, Wang Jian, deputy general manager of Liaoning Daxie Waterproof Group, made a special speech at the conference, “Application of New Waterproof Materials in Today's Buildings”, through the current stage of the real estate industry. The more serious the problem, the higher the cost, the multiple reasons for the leakage of domestic buildings have been interpreted from the current "national conditions" of the waterproof market, enterprises, product quality, construction quality and so on. The TPZ waterproof material developed by Liaoning Daxie Waterproof Group is safe, environmentally friendly, time-saving and labor-saving. It provides a reliable guarantee for many real estate companies to solve the leakage problem. Finally, Mr. Wang gave a detailed introduction on the scale of the enterprise of Liaoning Dayu Waterproof Group, the distribution of the factory, and numerous partners and key projects in Tianjin.

Deputy General Manager of Sales of Liaoning Daxie Waterproof Group

With the continuous improvement of the company's brand awareness, the launch of new special products has been selected by more companies. After the meeting, many real estate business leaders and Wang expressed the hope to strengthen cooperation and technical exchanges with Daxie. Li Fangyi, general manager of Liaoning Daxie Tianjin, and Wu Hua, a member of Liaoning Daxie Waterproof Expert Committee, also exchanged with many real estate business leaders to create favorable conditions for the next step of Tianjin market expansion.

The conference ended successfully in a friendly and warm atmosphere


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