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2013 Daxie Staff Gala

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On December 7th, 2013 at 18:30, there was a warm cheer in the staff room on the fifth floor of Daxie Office Building. At this time, the big man ushered in the annual staff night party. The party has enriched the staff's spare time. Under the command of the chief commander Sun Yufeng, the conference was slowly opened. All the programs of the party were self-directed and self-directed by the employees of Daxie, which fully demonstrated the versatile side of the Dalai people.

The opening of a dance "Opening the Door" shows the younger generation's longing for a better life, infecting everyone present.   

During the period, the sweeping activities of Zhao Zong and Wei Zong spared no effort to mobilize the staff's high sentiment to push the whole party to a climax.

The people in the audience looked at the eyes of the award-winning staff and envied them. I hope that the next party will stand on the stage.

At the end of the party, General Manager Hang Shuhua sang "No Sleep Tonight" with all the cast members. So far the party has come to a successful conclusion.

Let us look forward to the 2014 Daxie Staff Gala! That will definitely bring us something different!