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"Gathering Heroes to Win the World" 2014 Liaoning Daxie Core Strategic Partner Summit Held in Panjin

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In this event, thousands of regional managers from 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions attended the event. Mr. Zhu Dongqing, Chairman of China Building Waterproof Association, Mr. Yan Yongzhen, President of Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute of China Building Materials Science Research Institute, and Mr. Zhu Zhiyuan, Deputy General Manager of China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Company also attended the meeting. Zheng Xianming, Chairman of the Group, Hang Shuhua, General Manager of Sales, Wu Minhui, General Manager of Sales, Wei Lai, Deputy General Manager, and Du Hong, Deputy Chief Engineer, all led the team. Everyone gathered together to celebrate the future with the glory.

On February 23rd, at 8:40, in the joyful and melodious "step by step" music suite, the host announced the official opening of the conference. Mr. Zheng Xianming, Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave a warm opening speech. Thank you for coming. Thank you to all the great people for their hard work and thanks to the partners and people from all walks of life for their support.

After the chairman's speech, Mr. Zhu Dongqing expressed his congratulations to the conference on behalf of the China Building Waterproof Association and expressed his gratitude to Liaoning Daxie as the vice chairman unit of the association for their assistance and support. Liaoning Daxie is the founding enterprise of “Promoting the Industrial Development Alliance of Building Waterproof Industry”. Mr. Zhu Dongqing highly praised the outstanding contribution of Daxie in promoting the healthy development of the industry. It is expected that Liaoning Daxie will continue to be at the forefront of the industry, to be the forerunner of self-discipline in the industry, to demonstrate the role of corporate responsibility and to promote the healthy development of the industry, to make new and bigger for the healthy development of the industry. Contribution.

Subsequently, Mr. Yan Yongwei, Dean of Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute of China Building Materials Science Research Institute, gave a speech on “Promoting the Cooperation of the Enterprises and Enterprises to Promote the Development of Waterproof Industry”, fully affirming the talent cultivation and product development in the past three years of cooperation with Liaoning Daxie. The achievements of technological improvement, and systematically introduced the development process of TPZ red core molecular viscosity of waterproofing membrane replacement products, and said that the second generation of TPZ red core molecular bonding has been in the research and development stage.

At 10:00 noon, an exciting time comes. The host announced that the launching ceremony of the market strategy of Liaoning Daxie “Red China, the Molecular Wins the World” officially began. In the passionate music, Ms. Etiquette continued to develop the picture of “Red China, Molecular Wins the World”, Zhu Dongqing, Yan Yong The five leaders of Zhai, Zhu Zhiyuan, Zheng Xianming and Hang Shuhua stamped the seals on the scrolls to jointly confirm the historical moment of the Liaoning Daxu competition in the Central Plains.

After the launching ceremony, Mr. Wu Minhui, the general manager of the sales, gave a detailed and thorough introduction to the TPZ red core molecular-bonded self-adhesive waterproofing membrane (mainly general-purpose, root-blocking, painted pottery, and color-plastic series). General Manager Wu introduced that the TPZ red core molecular bonding layer adopts molecular grade adhesive, which can achieve the perfect bonding with the mortar or concrete base layer at the molecular level, achieving permanent and complete bonding between the coil and the base layer. It has eliminated the occurrence of water leakage and drowning, and is the ultimate weapon to effectively prevent leakage.


The conference also set up an experience zone. On the impervious tester, the traditional self-adhesive coil is bonded to the TPZ red core molecule for a large pk. When the pressure reaches 0.2Mpa, the sound is soft, and the traditional self-adhesive coil is the first to lose, 0.3, 0.4, 0.5. The 0.6 participants did not agree to cheer for the TPZ products. The mood was extremely excited. When the pointer was fixed at 0.75Mpa, the TPZ coil announced the end of the challenge. The venue heard thunderous applause. The regional managers immediately said that they must vigorously promote this year. product.

Unbelievable about the magical performance of TPZ


After Mr. Wu introduced the TPZ series of products, Ms. Wei Lai, the deputy general manager, gave a speech on “2014 Policy Announcement”, preaching the company's various sales policies in 2014, and encouraged regional managers to boldly develop and create new achievements.

13:30 In the sound of music, the host announced that the 2014 Liaoning Daxie Core Strategic Partner Summit was successfully concluded!


This year's annual event is unprecedented, and the regional manager has the largest number of participants and the widest range. It is the most grand event since the establishment of Daxie Waterproof. The China Building Materials News and other media participated in the event and reported on it.


In the fifteen years of the dream, Liaoning Daxie, as the leading enterprise in China's building waterproof industry, will abide by the integrity, practise the commitment, and create higher glory with the partners!

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