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Day of the big man

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Liaoning Daxie Waterproof Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. It is a modern waterproof enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and construction. When you walk into Daxie, you will find a uniform dress, a friendly smile, rigorous and easy. The working atmosphere.

Below, the author will take you into the big environment and learn about the day of the big man.

Every morning after the signing of all employees, the leaders of each department will arrange the work content of the day for the staff of the department. Every time you enter a department, you will see that the employees are busy at work, the division of labor is detailed, and the responsibility is to people. This rigorous work atmosphere infects the side. Everyone has a busy morning. When the lunch break arrives, we will see the employees put down the work at hand and enter the cafeteria for lunch. After lunch, some employees choose to go to the dormitory, some employees will Go to the activity center to do sports or get together to chat and relax. After the lunch break, the employees will devote themselves to the afternoon work.

When we walk into Daxie, we will not only see a beautiful and comfortable environment, but also feel a positive state. The combination of employee work and rest, work efficiency and new highs, therefore, in our eyes will present a full of vitality, A vigorous team.