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2016 Liaoning Daxie Strategic Partner Summit was held in grand

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Innovation as an engine

On March 7, 2016 Liaoning Daxie Strategic Partner Summit was held in Shenyang Liaoning Building. More than 500 new and old agents from all over the country gathered together with the family of Liaoning Daxie to seek new development and achieve new leap! Zheng Xianming, Chairman of Liaoning Daxie Group, and Hang Shuhua, General Manager of the Group attended the meeting.

With the theme of “Innovation as Engine and Unity in Building the Future”, the summit will analyze the national economic situation and the status quo of the waterproof industry, plan future development strategies, and create a win-win platform with agents to share development results.


Group Vice Chairman Zheng Yezhi welcomes the word


At the meeting, Chairman Zheng Xianming made a speech on the theme of “Differentiated Quality Road is the Golden Light Avenue for Creating Wealth”. In his speech, he said that in the past 2015, the domestic waterproof industry increased slightly under the new normal, and the waterproof industry market showed a downward trend. However, Liaoning Daxie has been fighting against the water, struggling hard, and the performance of production and sales has been against the market, and has achieved remarkable results. In 2016, for the waterproof industry, it is still a year full of opportunities and challenges. The waterproof industry has just entered the reshuffle period, the concentration of the waterproof industry market is getting higher and higher, and the market space of the first-line brand is gradually expanding. We have brands, differentiated products, new products, and a broad market space brought by the industry's major reshuffle. Together with the company's strong support policies, as long as we grasp this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, everyone Unite and work together, unswervingly take the road of differentiated quality, we will become the wealth giant of the waterproof industry.

In the past 2015, the Dalai people rushed to the north and squandered blood and sweat, and gained honor and fruit. In the awarding session of the summit, Liaoning Daxie gave a lot of awards such as the Most Potential Award, the Most Development Direction Award, and the Million Sales Award. They affirmed their hard work, congratulated them on their achievements and inspired them. People are determined to further develop their determination and confidence. Innovate in management and management, achieve new breakthroughs in sales, and innovate again.

Shandong Linyi Xu Tianwei won the breakthrough million sales award

Breaking through the million-sales sales award BMW 7 Series luxury car


In order to continuously promote the Group's innovation and development and better promote the implementation of the strategy, the Group held the inauguration ceremony of the Liaoning Daxie Waterproof Expert Committee at the summit. It consists of 17 technical experts from the industry and the group. Wu Minhui, general manager of the group company, and Yong Yongzhen, president of the National Suzhou Waterproof Institute, are the director of the expert committee and the chief engineer of the group company, Han Chunfeng, deputy director of the expert committee, Wu Hua, Li Fushan, 14 experts including Yan Yinfeng are members of the expert committee. At the meeting, Zheng Kuanyou, the company's executive deputy general manager, issued an appointment letter to the experts, and combined with his own work experience, profoundly expounded the background and significance of the establishment of the expert committee, and put forward clear requirements on how to carry out the good work of the expert committee. He hoped that the members of the expert committee would actively contribute to the group's major strategy, layout, technology, industry, major projects, etc., and ensure the healthy and innovative development of the company; focus on the development strategy and development direction of the group, give full play to the role of technical consultation, and better promote the strategy. Implementation, making positive contributions to the Group's reform and development.


Executive Deputy General Manager Zheng Kuanyou announced the decision to establish a member of the expert committee

The leader of the expert group group touches the start ball


Product innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. Following the TPZ red core molecular adhesion, in 2016, the Group launched three highly differentiated products to further enhance the competitiveness of the company. At the summit, the group held a special product launch conference to showcase three new products. The sales general manager gave a detailed introduction to the characteristics of the three new products and marketing points, and analyzed the future development trends of the three new products in depth, so that everyone has a deeper understanding and understanding of the new products. It is these new products with excellent quality and excellent performance that provide the strongest solid backing for the people of Liaoning Daxie!



Wu Zongzuo's new product release and explanation


The summit will last for three days. The Group is grateful to the agents for their long-term support and assistance to Liaoning Daxie. During the summit, the Group will invite you to enjoy exciting entertainment programs, visit the former residence of Shaoshuai, and share the ski resort.

In 2016, a new starting point and a new journey, Liaoning Daxie will take new ideas and new actions, follow the new normal, continue to lead the market, and work together with the majority of agents and family to grow together and achieve a win-win situation!