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TPZ molecule adhesive double-sided adhesive universal waterproof membrane
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TPZ molecule adhesive double-sided adhesive universal waterproof membrane





TPZ molecular adhesive polymer film based waterproof membrane series



product description


The high-performance resin film made of automobile explosion-proof membrane is used as the base of the tire. The two sides are coated with a proprietary patented formula, and the self-adhesive asphalt layer can be bonded with the base layer. The upper and lower surfaces are covered with a point-breaking separator. Made of waterproof membrane with super waterproof performance.


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●Mid-mounted car explosion-proof membrane material base.


●The material has both high strength of resin and high elongation of PE, and the waterproof membrane is made of:

Stable material - no wrinkles at high and low temperatures; high extension - adapt to deformation of the base layer; high strength - strong resistance to damage.


●Daxie's unique patented technology formula molecular grade self-adhesive.

A hydrophilic auxiliary agent is added to the colloid, and the hydrophilic group generates a bond between the hydrated product of the cement paste to form a stable ionic bond and a hydrogen bond, so that the waterproof layer and the base layer form a stable and durable molecular-level adhesive sealing effect. .


●The self-adhesive layer body can be bonded at -20 °C, bonded in water, and constructed under full meteorological conditions to ensure the construction period and quality.


●The self-adhesive layer has good creep properties, and the deformation stress of the base layer is released when pulled, so that the whole of the coil remains intact without being broken or torn.



Specification model


Bonding surface

Double-sided bonding (D)









Scope of application


It is especially suitable for waterproofing projects in the basement, side walls, roofs and roofs of industrial and civil buildings, which are rich in groundwater/rainwater, high risk of leakage and suffering from leakage.

It is especially suitable for urban building waterproofing projects with long-term structural design and high waterproofing requirements for urban integrated pipe corridors and airports.



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Construction process


Formulating glue

>>According to the temperature and humidity, add appropriate amount of water to the batching bucket according to the water-cement ratio of 0.35~0.40, add 42.5Mpa ordinary Portland cement, stir well with electric stirrer until it is even, fine and free of lumps.

Trial roll

>>Wrap the coil on the base surface, align the elastic wire or the overlapping edge of the adjacent coil to ensure the overlap width, and release the stress after re-winding.


>>Scrape the glue on the base layer (planar) or scrape the coated surface (facade) of the coil, with a thickness of 2~3mm.

Paving coil

>> Roll the material forward while peeling off the bottom separator.

Squeeze exhaust

>> Use the matching tools to push the surface of the coil and extrude the internal gas, so that the coil, the glue and the base layer are completely bonded.

Body lap

>> After the rubber layer reaches the strength of the upper body, the lap joint separator is torn off, and the press roller is compacted to realize the lap joint of the coil body.



Engineering case


Click on the link to the project case





Execute "TPZ red core molecular viscosity polymer waterproofing membrane" QLDY 0003-2016, the indicator meets or exceeds the "pre-package / wet-laid waterproof membrane" GB/T23457-2009.





Tear strength


Heat resistance

70℃,2h No displacement, runny, dripping

Low temperature compliance

-25℃ No crack


0.3MPa,120min impermeable

Peel strength (coil and coil)

≥1.5N/mm(No treatment)

Peel strength (coil and cement mortar)

≥2.0N/mm(No treatment)




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