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Salt-tolerant polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane




product description


The salt-tolerant modified bitumen waterproofing membrane is specially developed for the functional requirements of underground waterproofing of buildings and structures in high salinity areas along the coast. The product is made of filament polyester felt as the base, and the specially formulated thermoplastic elastomer modified asphalt is used as the impregnating and coating material. The upper surface is coated with polyethylene film and the lower surface is covered with fine sand or polyethylene film. Modified bitumen waterproofing membrane resistant to salt and alkali.





(1) It has excellent salt and alkali resistance and chloride ion permeability, and it can maintain its good waterproofing ability even in a high salinity environment for a long time.


(2) High tensile strength, good tear resistance, good dimensional stability, and strong adaptability to deformation of the base layer.


(3) Excellent resistance to breakage, tearing and fatigue resistance.


(4) Good corrosion resistance, weather resistance and mold resistance.


(5) Hot-melt construction, the molten asphalt body is lapped, the bonding is reliable, the lap joint is firm, and all seasons are suitable.


(6) Excellent low temperature resistance, universal from north to south.





It is suitable for waterproofing projects in underground buildings, high-alkali areas, underground buildings, tunnels, caverns, oil depots, etc.



Construction process


Grassroots requirements


The base layer is dry and solid, free of sediment, garbage, no empty drums, loose, sanding.


Coating treatment agent


Spray or roll the matching base treatment agent to the base layer to ensure that the base treatment agent is uniform and full of the base layer.


Trial roll


The coil material is spread out on the base surface, and the elastic wire or the overlapping edge of the adjacent coil material is aligned to ensure the overlapping width, and the stress is released after being released.


Hot melt paving


The flame is baked on the lower surface and the base surface of the coil, and the gel melts and rolls the coil in time, and is compacted and exhausted, so that the coil and the base surface are closely adhered.


Lap processing


At the same time of hot-melt laying, press the lap joint with a pressure roller to extrude 5~8mm molten asphalt (considered as reliable lap joint).



Executive standard


"Elastomer Modified Bitumen Waterproof Coil" GB18242-2008 Polyester Tire Type II, Q/LDY 0018-2016 "Salt-Resistant Polymer Modified Bitumen Waterproof Coil"

Serial number


Indicator (type II)


Pulling force (N/50mm)≥



Elongation (%) ≥



Heat resistance °C (no runny, dripping)



Low temperature flexibility (°C)







"Technical Specifications for Anticorrosion of Concrete Structures in Harbour Engineering" JTJ275-2000


Test conditions


Coating appearance

Anti-aging test after 1000h

No powdering, no blistering, no cracking, no peeling

Alkali resistance test after 30d

No foaming, no cracking, no peeling

After standard maintenance

Uniform, no sag, no spots, no blistering, no cracking, no flaking, etc.

Resistance to chloride ion permeability

Active coated sheet after 30 days of chloride ion penetration test

The permeation amount of chloride ions passing through the coated sheet is below 5.0×10-3 mg/cm2d





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