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EVA ethylene acetate copolymer waterproof board



product description


An ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) resin is used as the main material, and an anti-aging agent, an antioxidant, an ultraviolet absorber or the like is used as an auxiliary material, and a polymer waterproof sheet having uniform cross-section materials is used. The material is soft and has excellent performance index. It is a high-grade waterproof board in various waterproof sheets.




EVA homogenized waterproof board has high strength, large extension and strong resistance to deformation; good anti-seepage performance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet and anti-puncture ability; good chemical stability, non-toxic and environmental protection.



Specification model


Thickness | 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm


Width | Customizable


Length | Customizable



Scope of application


Suitable for waterproofing and seepage prevention projects such as tunnels, subways, bridges, planting, water system landscapes and artificial landfills.


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Construction process


1. Do the test welding work: test welding before construction to determine the walking speed and welding temperature;


2. Clean up the residue in time: During the construction process, the residue should be cleaned frequently to keep the working surface clean;


3, to ensure the quality of the weld: the use of hot-melt double seam welding, lap width ≥ 100mm, the effective width of the weld is not less than 10mm; single seam welding lap width ≥ 60mm, the effective width of the weld is not less than 25mm;


4, pay attention to pressure adjustment: welder pressure directly affects the construction quality, during the construction process, when the pressure is not suitable, it must be stopped and adjusted;


5, construction temperature 5 ~ 40 ° C, rainy days and more than five windy weather is prohibited construction.


Engineering case


Click on the link to the project case





"Polymer waterproof material Part 1: Sheet" GB18173.1-2012 (JS2)



Tensile strength at break (normal temperature) MPa ≥


Elongation at break (normal temperature)% ≥


Tear strength KN/m ≥


Impervious (30min)

0.3MPa without leakage

Low temperature bending temperature °C ≤

-35, no crack





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