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CPE chlorinated polyethylene waterproof board



product description


It is based on chlorinated polyethylene, adding modifiers, anti-aging agents, accelerators and other reinforcing agents, and is a new type of high-strength polymer waterproof sheet by compounding and rolling double-sided composite.





Long service life, anti-aging, roofing materials can be used for more than 20 years, underground can be up to 50 years;


High tensile strength, high elongation, and small change in heat treatment size;


Excellent oil and flame retardant properties;


It has good plasticity, and the corner detailing is convenient and quick;


Construction is easy to operate and is not subject to climatic conditions.



Specification model


Product form: classified according to the presence or absence of composite layer, N type without composite layer, L type with fiber single side composite, and W type enhanced with fabric.


Thickness | 1.2mm 1.5mm 1.8mm 2.0mm


Width | 1.0-2.5m


Length | 10-50m



Scope of application


This product is suitable for waterproofing projects such as roofing, basement, reservoir, pool, sewage treatment system, civil air defense engineering, channel and beam making factory for industrial and civil buildings. It is especially suitable for waterproof and seepage prevention projects such as highways, railways and culverts, bridge concrete bridge decks.


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Engineering case


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