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HDPE high density polyethylene waterproof board



product description


High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used to produce high-density polyethylene geomembrane by extrusion or blow molding, and then a semi-conical, columnar, hemispherical shell with closed protrusions is extruded on the geomembrane by a special process. A formed sheet is continuous, has a three-dimensional space and a certain space to support the rigidity, and the liquid can be discharged and discharged therein.

The plate itself has the function of waterproofing and preventing plant root puncture. The plate has the characteristics of good in-plane flexibility and high space rigidity, and can withstand the compressive load of 250Kpa (corresponding to 18m soil thickness), which is a kind of performance pole. Good engineering waterproof protection material.





(1) Shorten the construction period:


The drainage waterproof protection board is directly laid on the waterproof layer. Unlike the rigid protection, it needs to be maintained. The backfill can be followed up, which greatly shortens the construction period.


(2) Saving cost


The drainage waterproof protection board has a transparent structural system and has strong drainage capacity. It can cancel the slope layer of the garage roof, use the gravity drainage of the water itself, and can replace the original two-way reinforced concrete protection layer instead of the original pebble drainage. The layer is simple in construction and low in construction cost, which will greatly reduce the project cost.


(3) Protective waterproof layer


The drainage waterproof protection board is directly laid on the waterproof layer to provide flexible protection for the waterproof layer. Unlike the rigid protective layer, the waterproof layer may be damaged during construction, and the isolation layer is also needed.


(4) Excellent root penetration resistance:


The drainage waterproof protection board is made of HDPE geomembrane, which can effectively resist the root penetration of plants, and it is not necessary to separately set the root-resistant puncture layer.



Specification model


Thickness | 1.0mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 2.0mm


Width | 1200mm 2000mm Customizable


Length | 20m 30m can be customized



Scope of application


(1) Landscape engineering: garage roof greening, roof garden, football field, golf course, bathing site project;


(2) Municipal works: roadbeds and subway tunnels;


(3) Construction projects: upper or lower floors of building foundations, underground indoor and outdoor walls, roof anti-seepage and insulation layers;


(4) Traffic engineering: roads, railway subgrades, dams and slope protection layers.


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Construction process


(HDPE) The installation and construction of the drainage waterproof board shall be laid according to the design drawings. The splicing of the board shall be welded and lapped. The long side welding width is 70-120mm, and the short side fastening width is 50-100mm.


Process flow: basic inspection → planning elastic line → empty paving drainage board → long edge lap joint → short side fastening → laying polyester non-woven fabric → self-inspection collection → inspection acceptance


Operational points and technical requirements:


The drainage waterproof board is naturally unfolded and laid loosely in the planned position.


The drainage panels can be laid in a uniform orientation in the longitudinal or transverse direction.


When the positioning or the shape change portion needs to be temporarily fixed, the double-sided self-adhesive rubber strip is used for bonding and fixing.


Engineering case


Click on the link to the project case



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