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Cement based permeable crystalline waterproof coating
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Cement based permeable crystalline waterproof coating




product description


The cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof coating is a light gray powdery waterproof material which is prepared by mixing ordinary Portland cement, fine quartz sand, microfiber and various polymer active chemicals.

Mechanism of action: The active chemical substances contained in the coating are infiltrated into the internal pores of the structural surface layer by surface water, and interact with the ions in the concrete to form water-insoluble crystals. The crystal structure is in the structure. The water swells in the hole joints, from sparse to dense, so that the surface layer of the concrete structure gradually forms a dense anti-seepage area. It is a good material for building, building and repairing engineering with waterproof, anti-seepage and moisture proof.





Conventional waterproofing products rely mainly on the pores and capillaries of the water-repellent layer to seal the surface of the structure to provide waterproofing, which is very effective in the initial stage, but its performance will gradually degrade over time. The waterproof performance of the permeable crystalline waterproof material continues to increase with time, so that the concrete structure achieves a permanent waterproof effect, and even if the waterproof coating is damaged by the outside, the waterproof effect is not affected.

The main features are as follows:


Strong penetration depth;


Has long-term impermeability and resistance to strong water pressure;


Can enhance the strength of concrete;


It has unique self-repairing ability and superior multiple resistance to penetration;


Water resistance is reluctant over time and has long-lasting waterproof properties;


The coating has the ability to "breath" to keep the base surface of the concrete structure dry and not tidal;


Has good adhesion, fast setting, early strength, rigid and not brittle characteristics;


Temperature resistance, moisture resistance, oxidation resistance, carbonization resistance, UV resistance, and resistance to radiation;


Inhibition of alkali aggregate reaction, prevention of freeze-thaw cycles and chemical attack;


Non-toxic, pollution-free, simple construction method and low construction cost.




Specification model




Scope of application


It is widely used in the waterproofing of the water-facing surface and the back water surface of cement mortar, new and old concrete buildings and structures. Such as: basement, subway, bathroom, kitchen, reservoir, swimming pool, water storage building, culvert, concrete pavement, etc.


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Construction process


Requirements for climate and concrete base:


Do not use in the rain or when the ambient temperature is below 4 °C.


Before the application of the coating or brushing, the base surface should be fully wetted, but the base surface should not have clear water.


Before the construction, it is necessary to clean the surface of the concrete base surface, such as efflorum, dust, various paints, paints, oil stains and loose structures.


The concrete base should be rough and clean and does not require leveling.


The pores on the surface of the base layer, irregularities, honeycombs, cracks, sand, etc. should be repaired and cleaned.


Brushing method:


On a prepared concrete surface, apply it by mass ratio. The ratio is: powder: water = 1:0.3-0.5, firstly, the cement-based permeable crystalline coating and the clean water are mixed by mechanical ratio, and the mixture is uniformly mixed to form a cement paste viscous; according to the temperature of the construction season, Water can be appropriately increased or decreased. When mixing, it is necessary to master the ratio of materials and water. It should not be adjusted more than _ times. It should be used up within 30 minutes. When the mixture becomes thick, it should be tightened, and no water can be added in the middle. The prepared material is applied to the treated and pre-wet concrete base surface by brushing twice with an average amount of 1.5 kg/m2, and the second coating is applied to the first coat. Brushing is also carried out; after the first coating is completely dried, the first coating is pre-wet and the second coating is applied.


Dry method:


Before the concrete is built, the cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof coating is evenly spread on the pre-wet mat by 1.5kg/nf star, and is tightly combined with the concrete by means of the scraper. AS dry brewing is completed within 30 minutes before concrete is poured.








Engineering case


Click on the link to the project case





"Cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material" GB18445-2012 basic performance indicators of physical properties of waterproof coatings

Serial number

Pilot projects




Uniform, no agglomeration


Moisture content (%) ≤



Fineness, 0.63mm sieve residue (%) ≤



Chloride ion content (%) ≤




After adding water and stirring

Scratch-free accessibility


Scratch-free accessibility


Flexural strength (MPa, 28d) ≥



Compressive strength (Mpa, 28d) ≥



Wet base bonding strength (Mpa, 28d) ≥








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