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Spraying quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof coating
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Spraying quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof coating




product description


The quick-setting spray rubber asphalt waterproof coating is a high-elastic waterproof, anti-corrosive and anti-seepage process formed by mixing an anion-modified emulsified asphalt and a synthetic high molecular polymer (component A) with a special film-forming agent (component B) by a special process. Waterproof coating for protective film. Sprayed on-site special equipment to form a dense, continuous and complete waterproof film with extremely high elongation, super elasticity and excellent durability, realizing a new environmentally friendly waterproof coating for “skin-type” rubber waterproof coating. The combination of excellent performance and scientific construction technology maximizes the material performance and engineering quality, and actively promotes the application of new materials, new processes and new technologies.





● Ultra-high elasticity: The coating film has an elongation of more than 1000% and an elastic recovery rate of more than 90%, which can effectively solve the failure of the waterproof layer caused by structural deformation and cracking caused by structural shrinkage, creep, temperature change, etc. problem.


● Perfect integration: the coating can perfectly wrap the substrate to realize the seamless connection of the coating before the substrate. It is more convenient and reliable for the construction of the profiled structure or the complex shape of the base layer. It has the characteristics of water-repellent and non-peeling which are difficult to realize. Achieve true "skin-style" waterproofing.


● Excellent chemical resistance: excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance, especially suitable for tank structures in the chemical industry and sewage treatment industry.


● Good temperature resistance: low temperature compliance can reach -20 °C, especially suitable for waterproofing projects in alpine regions, high temperature resistance can reach 160 °C, suitable for waterproofing of roads and bridges.


● With flame retardant function: This product can achieve the flame retardant performance of A2F1 grade, in line with the national industrial policy guidance.


● Mechanical construction: It adopts professional spraying machinery construction and instant molding after spraying, which greatly saves construction cost and labor, and greatly shortens the construction period.




Specification model





Scope of application


Applicable to different building structures, including roofing, underground, railway, bridge, tunnel, subway, port and other waterproof and industrial anti-corrosion and protection projects.


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Construction process


praying method: suitable for large-area construction


Brushing method: suitable for tube root, water drop, yin and yang angle of the daughter wall, etc.


Scrape method: suitable for repairing cracks









Engineering case


Click on the link to the project case





JC/T2215-2014 "spraying quick-setting rubber waterproof coating", Q/LDY 0017-2016 "spraying quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof coating"





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