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HDPE high density polyethylene geomembrane
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HDPE high density polyethylene geomembrane




product description


Use high-quality polyethylene raw resin, the main components are high-density polyethylene, carbon black, anti-aging agent, antioxidant, UV absorber, stabilizer and other accessories; all products are produced according to American GRI standards and ASTM test standards. Complete specifications, smooth and matte thickness of 0.25mm-3.0mm, width up to 4m-9m, to meet environmental sanitation, water conservancy, construction, municipal engineering, garden, landscape, petrochemical, mining, salt, agriculture, aquaculture Industry application requirements.





Excellent mechanical strength, chemical stability, and excellent aging resistance;

Resistance to plant roots and high anti-seepage coefficient;

The construction speed is fast and the comprehensive cost is low;

The formula is environmentally friendly and non-polluting.



Specification model




Scope of application


Environmental protection, sanitation (such as domestic waste landfill, sewage treatment, toxic and hazardous materials disposal site, dangerous goods warehouse, industrial waste, construction and explosive waste, etc.)


Water conservancy (such as seepage prevention, plugging, reinforcement, anti-seepage of canals, vertical core walls, slope protection, etc.)


Municipal works (metro, underground construction and roof storage tanks, seepage prevention of roof gardens, lining of sewage pipes, etc.)


Garden (artificial lake, pond, pond lining of golf course, slope protection, etc.)


Petrochemical (chemical plant, refinery, oil storage tank anti-seepage of gas station, chemical reaction tank, lining of sedimentation tank, secondary lining, etc.)


Mining (washing tanks, heap leaching tanks, ash yards, dissolution tanks, sedimentation tanks, storage yards, tailings ponds, anti-seepage, etc.)


Agriculture (reservoir, drinking water pool, storage pond, anti-seepage of irrigation system)


Aquaculture (fish ponds, lining of shrimp ponds, slope protection of sea cucumbers, etc.)


Salt industry (salt field crystallization tank, brine pool lid, salt film, salt pond plastic film)




Engineering case


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