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Plastic geonet




product description


It is a product of high-density polyethylene extruded into a square, diamond, and hexagonal grid shape, which has certain tensile strength and durability, chemical stability, weather resistance, corrosion resistance and the like.





The product has the characteristics of high strength, low elongation, high temperature resistance, high modulus, light weight, good toughness, corrosion resistance and long service life. It can be widely used in the maintenance of old cement pavements, airport runways, dams, river banks and sides. Engineering areas such as slope protection, road bridge reinforcement treatment, etc., can enhance and reinforce the road surface, prevent road surface rutting fatigue cracks, hot and cold stretching cracks and underlying reflection cracks, and can disperse the road surface load stress and prolong the service life of the road. Low tensile strength, no long-term creep, good physical and chemical stability, good thermal stability, anti-fatigue cracking, high temperature resistant rutting, low temperature shrinkage resistance, and delayed reflection cracks.




Scope of application


Geonets are mainly used in soft foundation treatment, roadbed reinforcement, slope protection, abutment reinforcement, coastal slope protection, and reservoir bottom reinforcement. Laying a geonet on the slope of the road can prevent the rock from falling off and avoid harm to people or vehicles; using geonets to wrap the slag can prevent the loss of slag and roadbed deformation and improve the stability of the roadbed; laying the geonet can strengthen the road surface To prevent the development of reflective cracks; geogrid as a reinforced material in retaining wall filling, can disperse soil stress, limit lateral displacement, and enhance stability; use geotechnical net to make stone cage for dam, rock surface Protection against erosion, landslides, and soil erosion.





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