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Director of Government Relations

25000 - 25000

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5-10 years

Provincial capital city


 Position Name:Director of Government Relations

  Quantity:provincial capital city

  Education requirements:Unlimited

  Professional requirements:Unlimited professional


1. Establish and maintain communication channels and good interaction and cooperation with relevant local government departments, in order to obtain government support and create a good business operation environment;

2. Assist the company to establish a constructive and efficient government relationship network according to the company's business and planning, and establish and improve the communication mechanism with government agencies;

3. Assist in establishing contact with local governments, understand the changes in the responsibilities and personnel of industry counterpart government departments and industry authorities, track policy changes, and make suggestions and guidance on the impact on the company's daily project operations;

4. Assist in communication and coordination with relevant government departments;

5. Enhance the company's awareness and brand image at the relevant government level, integrate the company's internal resources, and obtain policy advantages;

6. Maintain close communication with government departments to obtain first-hand policy information; handle inquiries and inspections from government departments; to ensure compliance with corporate operations.


1. Junior College degree or above, more than 5 years of working experience in industrial enterprise government relations; there are provincial, municipal, and district government relations or those who have retired from the second line or have retired within 1 year from the construction committee, planning, land, fire protection, and quality inspection stations. Those who want to give full play to their residual heat can also be considered, aged 50-62 (for reference only), male or female;

2. Have experience in government project application, have a very thorough understanding of government work procedures and government agency culture, and have the ability to coordinate government agency staff;

3. Have the ability to solve problems independently, strong adaptability and crisis public relations handling ability;

4, have good personal connections, outgoing personality, good at communication, strong team consciousness;

5. Familiar government departments include but are not limited to: Construction Committee, planning, land, fire protection, and other departments, as well as relevant support institute associations.


Salary Standard: Basic Salary 25000 Yuan/Month Award

  Work location:         

The candidate is located in the provincial capital city or sub-provincial city (home office).

Pay five insurance subsidies.

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