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董事长致辞So far, Dayu Group has gone through 24 years of ups and downs. This road is not only a process of overcoming obstacles, hard work, pioneering and enterprising, but also a practice of exploring new roads, abiding by laws and regulations, and operating in good faith. No matter how treacherous, complicated and thorny the market environment is, we always firmly believe that enterprises must abide by the law, treat customers with integrity, and occupy the commanding heights of the market with product quality and high-quality service.


Behind the brand of "Dayu" is our long-term pursuit of excellence, independent innovation and sustainable development, the silent dedication of all employees, and the strong support of users in various fields. Whether it is the hard work of yesterday, or full of brilliant today, we always maintain the original intention of the expedition on the road, we never stop.


For more than 20 years, I would like to thank every Dayu who has been with me for your little support and sharing weal and woe, which has made me more aware of my mission and described the blueprint of my dream more clearly.


Spring and autumn, rain and rain. Dayu will always remember those employees who have made outstanding contributions to its development. The development of the enterprise is inseparable from talents. We will consistently adhere to the people-oriented talent concept, devote ourselves to the development of employees' career, provide the best development platform and the most development opportunities for every employee, realize the common growth of enterprises and employees, and share the development achievements of enterprises with employees. "Integrity, innovation, hard work, excellence" is our core values, the future of the enterprise still needs our joint efforts.


A group of talents, honor and disgrace together with the team, Lu Ming German sound, with one heart and one mind and win-win with the enterprise. Let us work together, innovation and development, let us strive to create a first-class waterproof enterprise on the road, side by side, accompanied by growth!

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