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Specialist of Design Institute

8000 - 8000

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Provincial capital city


  Position Name:Specialist of Design Institute

  Quantity:provincial capital city

  Education requirements:Unlimited

  Professional requirements:Unlimited professional


1. Responsible for the docking work of provincial and regional design institutes.

2. Look for engineering projects without design drawings, and use the company's differentiated products to make targeted revisions to the drawings.

3. Look for relevant designed engineering projects, use the company's differentiated products, and change the improved drawings.

4. Be responsible for tracking and reporting the work content of the design map.

5. Be responsible for the coordination between the regional manager and the agent after the above picture.

6. Complete other work assigned by leaders.


1. Age 27-40 years old, college degree or above.

2. With design institute and other social resources, waterproof enterprise design institute work experience is preferred.


Salary standard: basic salary 8000 yuan/monthly commission

Pay five insurance subsidies.

  Work location:

Provincial capital city or sub-provincial capital city

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