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Direct Management Manager (Direct Management Project)

10000 - 12000

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5-10 years

Cities across the country


  Position Name:Direct Management Manager (Direct Management Project)

  Quantity:cities across the country

  Education requirements:Unlimited

  Professional requirements:Unlimited professional


1. Be responsible for the direct operation of waterproof business of industrial, real estate, commercial and government projects in the region or form strategic cooperation with real estate and do a good job in maintenance and management to achieve sales targets;

2. Carry out market research, competitor research and marketing planning in the region;

3. Complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

4. Complete other work assigned by leaders.


1. Waterproof industry elite or more than 5 years of building materials sales experience and outstanding performance, and real estate high-level relations or government relations;

2. Top 100 real estate companies (including real estate companies in the region) have direct and indirect high-level network resources (such as chairman of the board, general manager, recruitment, engineering chief, etc.);

3. There are middlemen with rich network resources in the region (China Construction, China Railway, Construction Engineering System, Construction Committee, Electric Power Bureau, Resettlement Supervision System, Education, Medical Care, Housing Management, Public Security System, etc.);

4. There is a relationship between the design institute, Party A and the general contractor;

5. For hard work, strong communication skills, good image, unified recruitment college education, men and women are not limited.


Salary standard: basic salary 10000-12000 cloud/month commission

Pay five insurance subsidies.

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