Every project delivered to you by Dayu is a peace of mind project.

Every project Dayu delivered to you is a reassuring project

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Shanghai [Jiuliting StreetSJP00101 Unit 07A-07A]]

The project is located in Jiuli Ting Street, Songjiang District, east to Huting North Road, south to Tingsheng Road, west to vacant land, north to Laozhuanhe. Total construction area100880.91 m2, of which: aboveground area70446.08m2, underground area30434.83 The m2. Construction content:9Building15To18The floor of the house,2Building supporting the co-construction of housing,1the doorman,1basement, etc. The use of waterproof materials for the Dayu Group products, includingTPZseries,TSRSeries, cement-based permeable crystallization, non-curing coatings, etc., the construction area of up90000 square meters.

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