Every project delivered to you by Dayu is a peace of mind project.

Every project Dayu delivered to you is a reassuring project

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Anhui [Phase II Project of Chuzhou-Nanjing Intercity Railway]]

The Ning-Chu intercity railway is the first domestic railway to be adopted.The inter-provincial intercity railway constructed in PPP mode starts from Chuzhou High-speed Railway Station in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province in the west and ends at Nanjing North Station, with a total length of about 54.3km and 16 stations. The depth of the open-cut area of the project is 23 meters. The waterproofing of the bottom plate and side wall adopts the non-asphalt-based self-adhesive film polymer waterproofing membrane of Dayu Group, and the waterproofing of the bottom plate adoptsTPZ series waterproofing membrane.

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