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Product overview


The polymer modified asphalt waterproof coating for road and bridge is a new type of environmental protection coating made of petroleum asphalt as the base material, using a variety of high-quality polymer as the composite modifier, and compounded by scientific formula. The coating has high-quality heat resistance, adhesion and shear resistance, and has good affinity for petroleum asphalt products, which can fully meet the special requirements of asphalt concrete bridge deck waterproofing, waterproof performance is durable and reliable, and is a special coating for all kinds of bridges and viaducts.




Product Features


l Good heat resistance, high temperature resistance up to 160 ℃-180 ℃;

l High bond strength, good shear performance, can effectively transfer the traffic level load;

L liquid cold construction, waterproof layer without seams;

l Good waterproof protection performance, protect the bridge deck structure completely from rain erosion;

l Durability, the service life of the waterproof system is greater than the service life of the bridge deck pavement system;

L and cement concrete, asphalt concrete combination performance is good, can effectively withstand traffic load, construction vehicles, hot asphalt concrete paving, rolling, can not lose waterproof performance.




Specification classification


By Physical Performance

Type I/Type II




Scope of application


It is suitable for anti-corrosion and anti-permeability of bridges and expressways, and can be directly constructed on the base surface of wet or dry concrete masonry, mortar, metal, wood hard plastic, etc.




Construction process


L base requirements: solid, dry, clean, free of sediment, laitance, no empty drum, loose, sand and other phenomena, yin and yang angle should be rammed arc angle, defective base can be treated with epoxy resin primer.

l Coating methods: scraping (scraper), rolling (wool roller), spraying (matching spraying equipment).

L primer: depending on the ambient temperature, add appropriate amount of compatible solvent * to adjust the diluted coating, and evenly apply thin coating * to the base layer.

* Solvent type: non-alcoholic unleaded gasoline, acetone, naphthenic oil, other solvents should be tested.

* Incorporation ratio: 10% ~ 30%.

* Thin coating: thickness should not exceed 0.3mm.

L surface coating: multiple thin coating films shall be formed, and the second coating shall be applied only after the front coating is completely dry (non-sticky), and the brushing direction of each coating shall be perpendicular to each other.

Each thickness: not more than 0.5mm, according to the design thickness to determine the number of brushing.

Interval time: 4h ~ 7h, depending on the ambient temperature and wind speed.

Reference dosage: 2.2~2.8kg/㎡ · mm.

Consistency adjustment: if the consistency is high and the construction is inconvenient, add the above matching solvent, which should not exceed 5% of the amount of ingredients.

Strengthening treatment: Yin and Yang angle, node can be placed in the process of brushing alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, and in the appropriate thick coating.

l Note:

Before the final setting of the bridge deck concrete, it is better to carry out regular and uniform pulling on the concrete surface.

The construction of waterproof layer can only be carried out when the concrete strength of bridge deck slab reaches at least 70% of the design strength.

Waterproof treatment for bridge deck expansion joints, anti-collision wall expansion joints and bridge deck drainage outlets shall be separately treated according to the bridge structure design.

The construction temperature shall be 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, and the construction shall not be carried out in rainy days (including rain within 6 hours after construction) when the temperature is less than 5 ℃.

The waterproof layer is not completely dry, and people are not allowed to walk and vehicles in the situation to prevent sharp objects from sliding the waterproof layer.




performance index


Products in accordance with the building materials industry standard "road and bridge with waterproof coating" JC/T975-2005 manufacturing.

Performance indicators meet standard requirements


Part of the physical performance indicators at a glance:


Indicator (Type I)

Indicators (Class II)

Solid content

≥ 45%


Table dry time

≤ 4h

≤ 4h

Done time

≤ 8h

≤ 8h

Heat resistance

140 ℃, no flowing, sliding or dripping

160 ℃, no flowing, sliding or dripping

impervious to water

0.3MPa, impervious to water for 30min

0.3MPa, impervious to water for 30min

Low temperature flexibility

-15 ℃, no crack

-25 ℃, no crack

Tensile strength

≥ 0.5MPa

≥ 1.0MPa

elongation at break

≥ 800%

≥ 800%

Bond strength between coating and cement concrete

≥ 0.4MPa

≥ 0.6MPa



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