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Product overview


Dayu®Two-component polyurethane coating is a two-component chemical reaction curing waterproof coating. When in use, the and B components are uniformly coagulated according to the specified proportion, and after brushing, they are cross-linked and cured on the base surface to form a rubber-like elastic coating waterproof layer.


l A component: an isocyanate-terminated prepolymer obtained from a polyether and an isocyanate.

L B component: plasticizer, curing agent, thickening agent, initial setting agent, filler and other color liquid.



Product Features


l Chemical reaction curing, low temperature adaptation, rapid film formation.

l Good bonding performance, high tensile strength, high elongation, good elasticity, good resistance to high and low temperature performance.

l The film is dense, no pinhole bubbles *, no seams, waterproof and anti-permeability.

l Good sealing performance, especially suitable for special-shaped structure waterproof, such as pipe root, floor drain, gutter, tiger window and other node processing.

* Can be achieved under qualified base and strict process conditions.




Specification classification



Two-component (M)


Type I/Type II/Type III



Scope of application


l It is suitable for industrial, civil, municipal and other construction projects, including administrative, residential, commercial, scientific research, medical, school, grain depot, pipe gallery and other buildings.

l Suitable for building basement, roof, toilet bath room *, swimming pool and other waterproof parts.

l It is only used for waterproofing the facing water surface of the fortified part.

* Ventilated or anti-toxic conditions before use.



Construction process


L grass-roots requirements: solid, dry, clean, free of sediment, laitance, no empty drum, loose, sand and other phenomena, yin and yang angle should be rammed arc angle.

l Ingredients: Weigh strictly according to the ratio marked by the packaging barrel, add component A to component B and stir well.

l Coating methods: scraping (scraper), rolling (wool roller), spraying (matching spraying equipment).

L primer: depending on the ambient temperature, add appropriate amount of compatible solvent * to adjust the diluted coating, and evenly apply thin coating * to the base layer.

* Solvent type: non-alcoholic unleaded gasoline, acetone, naphthenic oil, other solvents should be tested.

* Incorporation ratio: 10% ~ 30%.

* Thin coating: thickness should not exceed 0.3mm.

L surface coating: multiple thin coating films shall be formed, and the second coating shall be applied only after the front coating is completely dry (non-sticky), and the brushing direction of each coating shall be perpendicular to each other.

Each thickness: not more than 0.5mm, according to the design thickness to determine the number of brushing.

Reference dosage: 1.5~1.8kg/㎡ · mm.

Consistency adjustment: if the consistency is high and the construction is inconvenient, add the above matching solvent, which should not exceed 5% of the amount of ingredients.

Strengthening treatment: Yin and Yang angle, node can be placed in the process of brushing alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh cloth, and in the appropriate thick coating.

L optional anti-aircraft drum measures: nail and hang steel wire mesh, wipe interface adhesive, and sand spreading on surface layer (priority is given in order).




performance index


Products in accordance with the national standard "polyurethane waterproof coating" GB/T19250-2013 production and manufacturing.

The performance index meets the requirements of category M in the standard.


Part of the physical performance indicators at a glance:


Indicator (Type I)

Indicators (Class II)

Indicators (Class III)

Solid content

≥ 92%

≥ 92%

≥ 92%

Table dry time

≤ 12h

≤ 12h

≤ 12h

Done time

≤ 24h

≤ 24h

≤ 24h

Tensile strength

≥ 2.00 MPa

≥ 6.00 MPa

≥ 12.0 MPa

Elongation at break

≥ 500%

≥ 450%

≥ 250%

Tear strength

≥15 n/mm

≥30 n/mm

≥40 n/mm

Low temperature bending

-35 ℃, no crack

-35 ℃, no crack

-35 ℃, no crack

impervious to water


impervious to water


impervious to water


impervious to water

bond strength

≥ 1.0MPa

≥ 1.0MPa

≥ 1.0MPa


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