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Product overview


Dayu®PVC PVC waterproofing membrane is a polymer sheet extruded from PVC resin particles and additives through a certain production process.

Additives: containing plasticizers, ultraviolet absorbers, anti-aging agents, stabilizers, etc.




Product Features


Can be used in the roof exposed, life can reach more than 20 years.

lWind resistance, radiation resistance, high and low temperature resistance, good weather resistance.

Wide design, less overlap, good integrity.

The hot air welding process has the advantages of high reliability of construction quality, small hidden danger, high peeling strength, and the same quality and life as the base metal.

High strength, excellent resistance to root stab.




Specification classification



Homogeneous type (H)/fiber backing type (L)/reinforced fabric (P)










Scope of application


Mainly used for single-storey factory roof waterproof.

Can be used for reservoirs, dams, pools, canals moisture-proof seepage.

Can also be used for planting green roof, pipe gallery roof, and underground waterproof engineering.



Construction process


The laying process includes coil fixing and lapping.

Fixed method has the mechanical fixed method, the full adhesive method, the empty laying pressure method. Among them, the mechanical fixing method is mainly used for industrial plant roofing.

lThe lap joint measures mainly adopt hot air welding technology to fuse the lap edges to realize the lap joint of the base metal body, and the glue bonding method can also be used.




performance index


Products in accordance with the national standard "polyvinyl chloride (PVC) waterproofing membrane" GB12952-2011 manufacturing.

Performance indicators meet standard requirements


List of physical performance indicators of coil parts:


Indicators (Class H)

Indicators (Class L)

Indicators (Class P)

Thickness of resin layer above the middle tire base

≥ 0.4mm

Maximum pulling force



Tensile strength

≥ 10MPa

Elongation at maximum tension

≥ 150%

Elongation at break

≥ 200%


Heat treatment dimensional change rate

≤ 2.0%


≤ 0.5%

Low temperature bending

-25 ℃, no crack

-25 ℃, no crack

-25 ℃, no crack

impervious to water

0.3MPa,2h, impervious to water

0.3MPa,2h, impervious to water

0.3MPa,2h, impervious to water

Impact resistance

0.5kg · m, impervious to water

0.5kg · m, impervious to water

0.5kg · m, impervious to water

static load resistance

20kg, no water seepage

Joint peel strength

≥ 4.0N/mm or coil failure

≥ 4.0N/mm or coil failure

≥ 3.0N/mm

Right Angle Tear Strength

≥ 50N/mm

Trapezoid tear strength

≥ 150N

≥ 250N


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