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Product overview


Dayu®Pre-paved polyester tire self-adhesive waterproofing membrane is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane composed of tire base, self-adhesive modified asphalt colloid and silicon-coated isolation membrane, which is specially used for underground waterproofing engineering using pre-paved anti-adhesive method.


l fetal baseHigh quality filament polyester felt.

l GlialThe SBS modifier is used to modify the petroleum asphalt to improve its high and low temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and bonding performance, and to improve the self-adhesive performance of modified asphalt, especially the bonding performance under the wet paving process.

l Surface material: The upper and lower surfaces are coated with silicon isolation film.




Product Features


High tensile strength, strong tear resistance, excellent mechanical properties, strong damage resistance, and can directly bind steel bars without a protective layer.

The hydrophilic additive is added to the colloid, which can react with the active ingredients of the structural concrete poured on its surface to form a very strong molecular bond, realizing the structure of rigid-flexible, anti-sticky and non-channeling with the structural concrete.

The glue has strong adhesive ability, self-healing function, and excellent water tightness of the nail rod.

Low temperature flexibility, long durability, long waterproof ability.

The basic requirements are low, and the waterproof effect is easy to guarantee.

Cold construction (no fire), self-paste, construction efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.




Specification classification


Bonding surface

Double-sided bonding (D)










Scope of application


Applicable to all kinds of industrial and civil buildings underground floor, side wall waterproof engineering.

It is especially suitable for the basement exterior wall waterproofing project with tight and tight working space on the facade.



Construction process


Basic requirements: solid, dry, no sediment, laitance, no empty drum, loose, sand and other phenomena.

Interface treatment: uniform spray (roll) coating matching base treatment agent, improve the coil and the adhesion of the base. When the base surface condition is not good, can be in the local (such as yin and yang angle parts) for interface treatment.

Trial laying of coiled material: lay the coiled material flat on the base surface, align the elastic line or the overlapping edge of adjacent coiled material, adjust the overlapping width, and rewind after standing for a period of time to release the stress.

Cold adhesive paving: push forward to roll the paving coil, tear off the isolation bottom film, compact and exhaust to make the coil and the base closely bond.

Body lapping: tear off the independent lapping film and roll the lapping edge to make the asphalt adhesive layer body bond tightly.




performance index


Products in accordance with the national standard "pre-paved waterproof membrane" GB/T23457-2017 manufacturing.

The performance index meets the requirements of PY coil in the standard.




Soluble content

≥ 2900G/㎡

Pull force

≥ 800 n/ 50 mm

Elongation at maximum tension

≥ 40%

nail bar tear strength

≥ 200N

Puncture resistance

≥ 550N

Impact resistance

0.5kg · m No leakage

static load resistance

20 kg without leakage

Heat resistance

70 ℃,2h without slip, flow and dripping

Low temperature flexibility

No crack at -20 ℃

Water channeling resistance (hydraulic gradient)

0.8MPa/35mm, no water channeling for 4h

impervious to water

0.3MPa, impervious to water for 120min


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