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Product overview


Dayu®Self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane (tire) is a self-adhesive waterproofing membrane composed of tire base, self-adhesive modified asphalt gum and surface material.


l fetal baseHigh quality filament polyester felt.

l GlialSBS modifier is used to modify petroleum asphalt to improve its high and low temperature resistance, fatigue resistance and bonding performance, and to improve the self-adhesive performance of modified asphalt by adding tackifying resin and other additives.

l Surface material: Polyethylene film, silicon-coated isolation film.




Product Features


High tensile strength, strong tear resistance and excellent mechanical properties.

The glue has strong adhesive ability, self-healing function, and excellent water tightness of the nail rod.

Low temperature flexibility, good durability, long-term protection of waterproof ability.

Cold construction (no fire), self-paste, construction efficient, safe and environmentally friendly.

It can form a composite waterproof layer with other compatible coatings or coils to meet higher grade waterproof requirements.




Specification classification


Bonding surface

Single-sided Bonding (S)/Double-sided Bonding (D)


3.0 mm / 4.0 mm


1000 mm


10 m




Scope of application


Applicable to all kinds of industrial and civil buildings underground, roofing and other non-exposed parts of the waterproof project.

Especially suitable for non-fire operations and other projects of waterproof engineering.



Construction process


Basic requirements: solid, dry, no sediment, laitance, no empty drum, loose, sand and other phenomena.

Interface treatment: uniform spray (roll) coating matching base treatment agent, improve the coil and the adhesion of the base.

Trial laying of coiled material: lay the coiled material flat on the base surface, align the elastic line or the overlapping edge of adjacent coiled material, adjust the overlapping width, and rewind after standing for a period of time to release the stress.

Cold adhesive paving: push forward to roll the paving coil, tear off the isolation bottom film, compact and exhaust to make the coil and the base closely bond.

Body lapping: tear off the independent lapping film and roll the lapping edge to make the asphalt adhesive layer body bond tightly.




performance index


Products in accordance with the national standard "self-adhesive polymer modified asphalt waterproofing membrane" GB23441-2009 manufacturing.

The performance index meets the requirements of PY coil in the standard.



Indicator (Type I)

Indicator (Type II)

Soluble content

≥ 2100g/㎡(3mm)

≥ 2900G/㎡(4mm)

≥ 2100g/㎡(3mm)

≥ 2900G/㎡(4mm)

Pull force

≥ 450 n/ 50mm(3mm)

≥ 450 n/ 50mm(3mm)

≥ 600 n/ 50mm(3mm)

≥ 800 n/ 50mm(4mm)

Elongation at maximum tension



Heat resistance

No sliding, flowing or dripping at 70 ℃ for 2h

No sliding, flowing or dripping at 70 ℃ for 2h

Low temperature flexibility

No crack at -20 ℃

No crack at -30 ℃

impervious to water

0.3MPa, impervious to water for 120min

0.3MPa, impervious to water for 120min


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