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Product overview


NPF polymer self-adhesive membrane waterproofing membrane is a waterproofing membrane specially developed for underground engineering with international cutting-edge technology, which can provide a firm combination with the post-pouring concrete structure. It is a kind of special high-density thermoplastic polyethylene membrane as waterproof substrate, polymer self-adhesive film, anti-environmental change protective layer and isolation layer, which belongs to the non-asphalt-based polymer pre-laying waterproofing membrane!


Under the action of pressure, the polymer self-adhesive film and the cement slurry without initial setting in concrete penetrate through the anti-adhesive layer through creep, forming effective interpenetrating bond and huge intermolecular force. After the concrete is cured, the gap between the NPF polymer self-adhesive membrane waterproofing membrane and the main body of the structure is permanently sealed to the maximum extent, and the water channeling channel is completely eliminated.





Product Features






Comparison of first-level waterproof fortification structure





Six characteristics of engineering application



performance index






Product Specifications





Scope of application


l  Basement Slab and Basement Exterior Wall Cast after Vertical Excavation

l  Excavated tunnels and sunken road base plates and exterior walls

l  undercut tunnel

l  Subway Floor and Exterior Wall

lOther external and internal waterproof structures





Construction process


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