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Hefei, Anhui 【Feixi County People's Hospital Phase II]]

The second phase of the project is an expansion project, located in the key development area of Hefei Nantuo, adjacent to Sanhua Road in the north, Feicui Road in the south, Yungu Road in the west, and Tianhai Road in the east, with a total construction area160392 square meters. It mainly includes the second-phase ward building, the second-phase outpatient medical technology building, the scientific research and teaching building, the logistics complex building, the infection building and other buildings, of which the second-phase ward building has a structure of 21 floors above the ground and 1 floor underground.Project foundation pit depth About8 meters, floor waterproofing project of about 100000 square meters, using Dayu Group SBSConstruction scheme of waterproofing membrane plus non-curing coating.


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