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Xi'an, ShaanxiZhongjian Splendid World]

Zhongjian Jinxiu Tiandi, the project is located in the south of the junction of Xianning Road and Chanhe West Road in Chanba Ecological Zone.1.2 kilometers, the project is invested and developed by Shanghai Zhongjian Dongfu Investment Development Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Construction Eighth Bureau. Zhongjian Dongfu has been deeply engaged in Xi 'an for ten years. In 2018, Dongfu will lay out the east of the city to build Zhongjian Jinxiu Tiandi in the low-density ecological villa area. The project covers a total area of about 200 mu and a total construction area of about 339000 square meters. It will be developed by a combination of three plots.ProjectDepth of foundation pit3 meters, construction started in 2018, basement waterproofUse Dayu GroupTPZ series waterproofing membrane,Waterproof construction area is about10Ten thousand ㎡

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