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ZhangjiakouJingbei Jin Maoyue]]

Beijing NorthJin Maoyue is based in the high-speed rail life circle of Beijing, Zhang and Chong. The five themes of the three parks and 18 scenes of the project are enjoyed by all ages. The humanistic community chooses smart homes such as visual intercom and intelligent induction electric series in five dimensions of green, health, safety, quality and wisdom. 36 comfortable details such as light environment control, sound insulation and noise reduction are taken care of every corner of the family life. And with a large volume of nearly one million square meters, integrating dynamic commerce, office and livable low-density residential areas, it presents a growing urban spiritual residential area for urban citizens..ProjectIn2020 construction, waterproof constructionUse Dayu GroupTPZ series waterproofing membrane,Construction area200000 square meters.

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