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QinhuangdaoXinglong Ziyun Mansion Project, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao City]]

Xinglong Ziyun HouseThe north side of the project is Qinhuang Street, the east side is Hengtuanshan Road, the west side is the planned Nanling East Road, and the south side is Weiyi Road, which can be connected to all areas of Qinhuangdao through surrounding roads. Total construction surface of the project is about255000 square meters, consisting of 7 buildings with 15-17 floors and 12 buildings with 23-27 floors. The project is divided into two plots for development.Project in2020 construction, waterproof constructionUse Dayu GroupSBSseries of waterproofing membrane,Construction area100000 square meters.

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