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Changsha, Hunan [Shengtong. Meixi Lake International Headquarters Project]]

ShengtongMeixi Lake International Headquarters is located in Meixi Lake, the core of Xiangjiang New District in Changsha. It starts from the Second Ring Road in the east, the Third Ring Road in the west, Longwanggang in the north, and Taohualing, a branch of Yuelu Mountain in the south, encircling 3000 mu of Meixi Lake. Integration of business, office, hotel, apartment, culture, transportation, greening in one. The net land area of the project is 27131.77 ㎡The total construction area is220,000, developed in three phases,2014So far,Waterproof engineering projectAllMakeWith DayuGroupTPZSeries waterproofing membrane.

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