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Product overview


Dayu®Spraying quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof coating is a two-component rapid film-forming modified asphalt waterproof coating constructed by mechanical spraying process.


l Film-forming principle: ion demulsification, modified asphalt particles pile up.

l film forming time: film can be formed within 3s as soon as possible after spraying.

L coating effect: continuous, compact, high extension, super elastic, super viscous.




Product Features


L more than 1000% elongation, more than 90% elastic recovery rate, the film in the complex environment has always remained intact, effectively deal with the structure due to settlement deformation, shrinkage and creep, temperature changes in the adverse effects of cracks or fatigue stress on the film.

L coating continuous, compact, complete seamless, adhesion, no water, no peeling, adapt to any special-shaped complex structure.

l Excellent ability to adapt to the environment. -35 ℃ no brittle crack, 140 ℃ no flow, acid and alkali salt corrosion resistance, climate change resistance, long service life.

L with flame retardant function, up to A2F1 level of flame retardant performance.

L on the base surface dry humidity, flatness requirements are low, a variety of materials (concrete, metal, wood, etc.) can be normal spraying, bonding.

L high-efficiency construction, mechanical spraying, daily construction capacity of a single equipment exceeding 1000 ㎡,3s film formation, film formation can be trampled, simplifying finished product protection, effectively saving construction cost and greatly shortening construction period.



Scope of application


l It is suitable for industrial, civil, municipal and other construction projects, including administrative, residential, commercial, scientific research, medical, school, grain depot, pipe gallery and other buildings.

l Suitable for building basement, roof and other waterproof parts.




Construction process


l Use professional equipment, spraying process, professional operation should be cautious.

L equipment cleaning, inspection and debugging: check whether the equipment leaks oil, whether the bolts are fastened, oil quantity standard position, pressure test, channel cleaning, nozzle fan surface range and angle adjustment.

L partial shielding protection: the components or parts that do not need spraying shall be temporarily shielded with plastic film to prevent spraying pollution.

L detail node strengthening treatment: the parts to be strengthened can be lined with alkali-resistant glass fiber mesh reinforcement treatment to improve the toughness of the coating.

l Large surface spraying: in strict accordance with the spraying process of construction.




performance index


Products in accordance with the enterprise standard "Spray quick-setting rubber asphalt waterproof coating" Q/LDY0017-2016 manufacturing.

Performance indicators meet standard requirements


Part of the physical performance indicators at a glance:



Solid content

≥ 55%

Gel time


Done time

≤ 24h

Heat resistance

120±2 ℃, no flowing, sliding or dripping

impervious to water

0.3MPa, no water seepage for 30min

bond strength

≥ 0.4MPa

elastic recovery rate


Low temperature flexibility

-20 ℃, no crack or fracture

Tensile strength




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