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Product overview


Dayu®Non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating is a new type of hot melt asphalt waterproof coating with environmental protection and long-term creep.

Its cohesion is very low, the film shape is not fixed, and it always maintains the characteristics of viscous glue, so it has a strong self-healing ability and adaptability to deformation.






Product Features


l Keep the creep state for a long time, and the damage can be self-healing and reclosed.

L low cohesion, can release and dissipate the stress transmitted to the coating, the coating is not cracked, not affected by zero extension side effects, no fatigue damage.

l Strong bonding ability, can be well bonded with the base and a variety of coiled materials, and form a composite waterproof layer with strong waterproof ability.

l Good sealing, solve the problem of water channeling.

L high solid content, no solvent, can be a thick coating to more than 2mm.

l Construction environment adaptability, hot melt construction is not limited by temperature.

L anti-loss, corrosion resistance, good durability.




Scope of application


l It is suitable for industrial, civil, municipal and other construction projects, including administrative, residential, commercial, scientific research, medical, school, grain depot, pipe gallery and other buildings.

l Suitable for building basement, roof and other waterproof parts.

L suitable for gap grouting plugging maintenance engineering.




Construction process


L non curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating can not exist alone, and need to be combined with waterproof coiled material, sheet or geotextile cloth and other cladding materials.

L grass-roots requirements: solid, dry, clean, free of sediment, laitance, no empty drum, loose, sand and other phenomena, yin and yang angle should be rammed arc angle.

l Interface treatment: uniform spray (roll) coating matching base treatment agent, improve the coating and the adhesion of the base.

L trial laying of coiled material: lay the coiled material flat on the base surface, align the elastic line or the overlapping edge of adjacent coiled material, adjust the overlapping width *, let stand for a period of time to release the stress and then roll back.

Lap width: determine the lap width according to the selected waterproofing membrane.

L hot melt coating: place the coating barrel in the debarrel and heat it, so that the outer wall of the block coating melts and does not stick to the barrel wall; Pour the block in the barrel into the melt glue machine and fully heat it to a molten state.

l Scraping or spraying the molten coating to the base surface shall reach the design thickness once and shall not pollute the lap edge of the coil.

l Simultaneously pave the surface coil, properly compacted to make the coil and the coating closely combined.

L coil overlap: the coil should be overlapped in body, and non-curing paint should not be used for bonding.




performance index


Products in accordance with the building materials standard "non-curing rubber asphalt waterproof coating" JC/T2428-2017 manufacturing.

Performance indicators meet standard requirements


Part of the physical performance indicators at a glance:



Flash Point

≥ 180 ℃

Solid content


Bonding performance

100% cohesive failure


≥ 15mm

Low temperature flexibility

-20 ℃, no crack

Heat resistance

65 ℃, no sliding, flowing and dripping


No water seepage

stress relaxation

≤ 35%

Anti-channeling water

0.6MPa, no water channeling



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