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Product overview


Dayu®Cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof coating is a light gray powder waterproof material made of ordinary Portland cement, fine quartz sand, micro-fiber and a variety of polymer active chemicals.


L mechanism of action: the coating contains aluminate, sulfate, silicone plasma active substances, with water as the carrier, through the concrete cracks, pores to the internal penetration, and the concrete in the free state of calcium ion reaction, generating insoluble in water ettringite crystals, blocking the cracks and pores, so as to achieve waterproof and anti-seepage moisture effect.

L waterproof effect contrast: traditional waterproof products mainly rely on the formation of the waterproof layer sealing structure of the surface of the pores and capillaries to play a waterproof role, in the initial stage is very effective, but with the extension of time, its performance will gradually degrade. The waterproof performance of the permeable crystalline waterproof material continues to increase over time, making the concrete structure to achieve a permanent waterproof effect, even if the waterproof coating is damaged by the outside world, its waterproof effect is not affected.




Product Features


l Inorganic reactive materials, with the structure of the same life, long-term reaction crystallization, with multiple impermeability.

L active material has good fluidity and can penetrate and heal cracks or pores 0.3mm wide and 300mm deep.

L resistant to strong water pressure, can be used for ultra-deep building waterproof (≥ 120m).

l Increase the density of concrete, improve the strength of concrete.

L acid and alkali salt corrosion, damage does not fail.

L non-toxic, tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, can be directly applied to drinking water projects.

L good anti-permeability, high bonding strength, can be used in the back of the water, can be in the back of the water to solve the problem of waterproof leakage.




Scope of application

l Suitable for concrete buildings and structures face water and back water surface waterproofing. Such as: basement, subway, toilet, kitchen, reservoir, swimming pool, water storage building, culvert, tunnel, dam, reservoir, power station, nuclear power station, cooling tower, bridge, pile foundation, reservoir, etc.

l Suitable for waterproof leakage maintenance of concrete structure.



Construction process


L base requirements: solid, wet, clean, frizzy, free of sediment, laitance, oil, no empty drum, loose, sand and other phenomena, should be fully exposed concrete body.

l Ingredients: Weigh the powder and water strictly according to the ratio marked by the packaging barrel, add a certain proportion of clean water to the batching barrel, pour the powder into the water and stir evenly.

l Brushing method: roller coating (hair roller), brush coating (hard brush).

L multi-channel thin coating, every interval 12h ~ 24h brush once, each channel to reach the human condition should be spray wetting, so that the active substance fully penetrate. It is advisable to chisel the film before the secondary operation.

L reference dosage: 1.4~1.6kg/㎡ mm.




performance index


Products in accordance with the national standard "cement-based permeable crystalline waterproof material" GB18445-2012 manufacturing.

The performance indicators meet the requirements of Class C in the standard.


Part of the physical performance indicators at a glance:


Indicators (CCCW Class C)


Uniform, no caking

Moisture content

≤ 1.5%


≤ 5%(0.63mm sieve residue)

chloride ion content

≤ 0.1%


After adding water and stirring, scraping without obstacles

20min, no barrier

Bend strength (28d)

≥ 2.8MPa

Compressive strength (28d)

≥ 15.0MPa

Bond strength of wet base surface (28d)

≥ 1.0MPa



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